Tim – Can’t It Be Me? Lyric [Han/Rom/Eng]

Hangeul Lyrics

슬픔에 지쳐 눈믈 흘릴 때
너를 위해 함께 울어줄 사람
이 세상 모두너를 등짛 떼조차
먼저 너의 손을 잡아줄 사람

언제라도 부르면 한걸음에 달려갈
그 사람이 나란 걸 왜몰라

Reff :
나는 안 되는 거니 정말 안되는 거니
매일 너를 웃게 할텐데
마지막 그 날까지 너의 곁을 지켜줄 단 한사람
그 사랑이나일 순없는 거니

아픔에 겨워 비틀거릴 때
너의 상처까지 안아줄 사람
먼 곳언을 보며 나를 울릴 울리때조차
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49 Days PHOTOS!!!! [ScreenCap, Press Conference, Behind-The-Scene, etc]

I MADE IT!!!!!! Actually I want to make this post as one of my tribute for My Blog’s first anniversary. But due to personal things I couldn’t do anything (even i didn’t update anything that day!!! What a year~ T^^T), so I decided to postponed it and used it for another day. And now, I’ll give you guys some treats 😀 I hope it’ll pay everything that you’ve done to me~ ^0^

Oh, and for Muslim, I hope we forgive each other, knowing tomorrow is Fasting month a.k.a Ramadhan Month, i hope you guys forgive me so I wouldn’t have anything to blame kkekkekke~

Well, enjoooy~!!!! 😀

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Jung Il Woo Compilation Photos From 49 Days [Behind-The-Scenes, ScreenCaps, Press Conference]

Another crunchies from 49Days! ^^ Today I’ll share some pics from this Dorky-cool looking boy, Song Yi Soo aka Jung Il Woo 😀  Engg, I met this guy when he had a roll on another Korean drama, My Fair Lady. Never heard of it? Yeah, I think it’s not a very popular drama. But this guy is catching my attention!!! >w< *OK, bad sentence* He’s soo a lovely boy, that’s what makes me fell for him kkekkekke~

In 49 Days, he’s having a role of a death-ripper-alike, called Scheduler *maybe it’s one level lower than a death-ripper*. He’s a human too at first, named Song Yi Soo. His complicated love with Song Yi Kyung made him on a traffic accident. He decided to became a Scheduler, only to meet Yi Kyung and explained everything of their misunderstanding after 5 years. Aww, wanna know what role he playing? OK, check those pics!!! 😀

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