Fruits Basket’s Official Soundtrack (OST.) Tracklist

YEAH! I know, late again, rite? Don’t tell me, please… =,=*

This is the first time I post about Anime things *at last I found a good thing to post*. I found the 5th eps of the comic in a bookstore yesterday, and without thinking I grabbed the book and bought it… You know, Fruits Basket? Another old anime with 23 episodes *if I didn’t wrong*, where the anime already released before the manga existed. It is the most perfect manga for me, not very long–even it’s very fictionary world (I Know *sighs*). But I really like this, starting fro the haracters, the BGM (background Music, FYI), the story-line, I really Love It!!! 😀

Well, after all, just checked the tracklist! 😀

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