Brian Joo Teams Up with Jade Valerie For a Duet, Plans To Head Overseas

According to Jellyfish Entertainment, Brian Joo is planning to step into the overseas music market through the release of a duet track with Europop vocalist, Jade Valerie (of Sweetbox fame). The duet track is entitled, “Don’t tell me I’m wrong.”

Jellyfish Entertainment revealed, “While Jade and her producer GEO were creating songs for her comeback next year, they heard Brian’s tracks and asked for his participation in a duet.”

Brian and Jade’s duet track “Don’t tell me I’m wrong” will release in Korea on November 11th. It will be listed as one of the tracks under Jade’s upcoming album, which will be available for purchase internationally.

Meanwhile, Brian plans to release his new album during the middle of January, and I’ll be updating some of his’s next!!! ^^

Source + photo: Nate