Dream High Pics [Press Conference, Teaser, ScreenCaps]

Hey, yo! Umm, I should say sorry if there’s too much pics, mostly SamDong‘s pics, kkekkekke~ *bows* Maybe it’s not really complete, cause some of them goes error and I don’t want to re-upload it again *urrgh, lazy me XO* But it’s okay right? I kinda twisted them—no, mix them… Cause it will be really a lame if I make them into different posts, hueheheheee~

Soo, wanna go check them out? It’ll be really interesting I think, cause I won’t miss any part of Dream High 😀 *huhhm, I wish one of TVXQ’s memer acted here, it’ll be more interesting. But it’s okay, there’s still cameo role for our lovely Lee Hyukjae and Park Jungsoo~ 😀 😀 😀 (sorry gut no pics of them T_T)*

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‘Adam Couple’’s Couple Portraits For Their Last Episode of “We Got Married” + Goodbye

The ‘Adam Couple‘ uploaded a few couple portraits of themselves before their last broadcast on MBC’s “We Got Married.”

On January 15th, the couple wrote on their Me2day, “Please watch our last episode as the ‘Adam Couple’ on ‘We Got Married.’ ^^ Thank you so much for giving us so much love.

Through his own Twitter, Jo Kwon wrote, “The ‘Adam Couple’ has been broadcasting for over a year on ‘We Got Married.’  Although it’s disappointing that today is the last episode, the ‘Adam Couple’ will be breaking up in a very ‘Adam’-like way.  Writers, PDs, our loving fans, and Ga-In nuna, who has become my sister, thank you. We’re scared to watch the last episode as well.  It might be as sad as ‘Secret Garden‘.” Continue reading

Behind the scenes with TVXQ from last week’s music programs

Anticipation was high as TVXQ made their official on stage comebacks through the various music programs last week. Earlier today, a SMTown staff member released a special treat for fans through TVXQ’s official homepage.

The special treat was in the form of a staff diary update revealing various behind the scenes photos from their various music program appearances. Check out the photos below.

2011 01 07 KBS Music Bank

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“Sammy’s Adventures” Press Conference

Big Bang’s Daesung, f(x)’s Sulli, and Yoon Hyung Bin appeared at the media preview and press conference for the animated movie “Sammy’s Adventures”, filmed in Dynamic Aqua Real 3D.  The event was held on December 7 at the Seoul CGV Theater.

Daesung joked about his resemblance to the large-eyed turtle.  “The members offered me lots of words of encouragement and said that I look just like my character when I showed them how my character Sammy has big eyes,” he said.  (Daesung is of course known for his cute narrow eyes.)

He added, “If I was given another opportunity to do another project like this, I would do it.”

Sulli said that her fellow f(x) members were jealous of her opportunity and had asked her lots of questions about the voice-dubbing process.

“Sammy’s Adventures” is a Belgian movie originally voiced by Isabelle Fuhrmann, Tim Curry, Melanie Griffith, and Jenny McCarthy.  Daesung and Sulli dubbed it for Korean audiences.  Daesung serves as the voice of the curious sea turtle Sammy, who watches over the changes of the Earth caused by global warming over a period of fifty years.  Sulli and Yoon Hyung Bin dubbed the other characters.

“Sammy’s Adventures” will premiere in Korea on December 16.

Their smiles~~~ Don’t you think they’re match for their smiles??? LOL

Source: Newsen

Cute!! But I don’t think it’ll reach to Indonesia … T____________T