f(x) – Hot Summer Lyric [Han/Rom/Eng]

Artist :: f(x) / 에프엑스 / Effects
Title Album :: ‘Hot Summer’ 1st Album Repackage
Format :: Repackage, Single, Studio
Title Track :: Hot Summer (핫 섬머)
Genre :: Dance Pop
Release Date :: June 14, 2011
Label | Distribution :: SM Entertainment (에스엠엔터테인먼트)


Hangul & Romanization

Hot Hot Hot Hot Summer
Hot Hot Hot Hot
Hot Hot Hot Hot Summer
Hot Hot Hot Hot

도저히 이렇겐 더 안되겠어
dojohi iroken do andwegesso
내가 어떻게든 좀 손보겠어
nega ottokedeun jom sonbogesso
낡은 스타일밖에 모르는 널
nalgeun style-bakke moreuneun nol
프로듀스 얼마나 멋져질지
peurodyuseu olmana motjyojilji
좀 알겠어
jom algesso Continue reading


Amber f(x) Supports her Unnie, CSJH!!!


f(x)’s Amber has set out to support her senior labelmate’s comeback!

On July 9th, Amber shared a photo of herself with CSJH’s Dana, where they acted out a point from the “One More Chance” choreography. Continue reading

Lee Soo Man Thought f(x)’s “Pinocchio” Had to Be More Special

After a 11 month hiatus, f(x) returned to the music scene with “Pinocchio.” While other idol groups release back-to-back albums in order to stay relevant, f(x) proved that they didn’t need to rely on those typical marketing tactics; their unique and distinctive style would speak for them instead.

“It feels like we’re finally being acknowledged for our style,Luna excitedly said. Continue reading

f(x) – Pinocchio/Danger Lyric [Han/Eng/Rom]

Artist :: F(x) (에프엑스)
Album Information :: Regular, Studio
Title Track :: Danger / Pinocchio (피노키오)
Genre :: Dance Pop
Release Date :: April 20, 2011
Planning | Distribution :: SM Entertainment

Hangul and simple romanization

어디보자 읽어보자 내 맘을 털어보자
odiboja ilgoboja ne mameul toroboja
에메랄드 훔쳐봐 그 눈동자 스륵스륵
emeraldeu humchyobwa geu nundongja seureukseureuk
머리부터 발끝까지 스캔해 징징윙윙
moributo balkkeutkkaji seukenhe jingjingwingwing
칼날보다 차갑게 그 껍질 벗겨내
kallalboda chagapge geu kkopjil botgyone

난 지금 Danger
nan jigeum Danger
한겹두겹 페스츄리처럼 야 끌려
han-gyopdugyop peseuchyurichorom ya kkeullyo
Danger Continue reading