‘Code name: Jackal’ Kim Jaejoong “Tears come out when I think of the past”

In the interview with Nocut News, Kim Jaejoong revealed, “In the early phase of the scenario, I was just being me. Of course it was not the case in the later part of the story but I think everybody would be like that if they were kidnapped.
In the movie, there is a scene where I told Bong Minjung ‘It was so hard for me in the past. I don’t want to live that life again. I am doing just fine now.’ It’s not a scene with extreme emotion and I didn’t have to cry but I found myself shedding tears. Continue reading

EXO-K Interview With ‘High Cut’ Magz

SM Entertainment’s fresh faces, EXO-K, recently graced the cover of ‘High Cut’, a fashion publication that has some of K-Pop’s most iconic stars under its belt. Amidst the magazine’s glossy pages featuring the six up-and coming-idols, the EXO-K boys sat down for a brief interview, spilling their pre-debut stories, dorm room antics and future goals. While the boys seemed timid and shy by the unfamiliar atmosphere of an interview, High Cut’s first encounter with these young idols proved to be a down-to-earth and a heartwarming one.

– Because EXO is SM Entertainment’s newest project since 2009, there is obviously a lot of expectations for the group. Any last words before the big debut? – Continue reading

Kim Junsu Says, “Mozart! Is More Than Just A Musical To Me”

-Why did you choose to appear in ‘Mozart!’ despite your busy schedule?
‘Mozart!’ is a production that I hold so dear to me. It opened my eyes to the charm of the musical genre and it’s a musical that gives me great strength. When I was worn out, it helped me face the world again. So I always told myself that I would take up any chance to sing in ‘Mozart!’ again. When I heard that there were going to be ‘Mozart!’ performances this year, I pestered my agency into letting me join. (laughter) I wanted to do this because it’s ‘Mozart!’ Continue reading

Lee Soo Man Thought f(x)’s “Pinocchio” Had to Be More Special

After a 11 month hiatus, f(x) returned to the music scene with “Pinocchio.” While other idol groups release back-to-back albums in order to stay relevant, f(x) proved that they didn’t need to rely on those typical marketing tactics; their unique and distinctive style would speak for them instead.

“It feels like we’re finally being acknowledged for our style,Luna excitedly said. Continue reading

Dalmatian Talks About Their Mini Album

Fans have probably noticed by now, but Dalmatian is anything but rookie when it comes to talent. Each of the individual members are known for their extensive experience prior to their debut as a group, such as leader Inati with People Crew, Day Day as the rap instructor for JYP Entertainment, and Daniel with B2ST’s Yoseob.

Six of the seven tracks were produced by the members themselves, which gives a deeper meaning to the overall album in comparison to their “Round 1” debut.  Inati revealed, “We still consider ourselves rookies, and we still rehearse through the night and into the morning.  Just because we’ve released a mini-album doesn’t mean anything’s changed.  Our hearts are more determined than ever, but other than that, nothing’s changed.” Continue reading

Tohoshinki GQ Japan Interview



Q: What are your impressions to stand on stage as Tohoshinki?
Changmin: I wanted to stand on stage. But I did not think of standing on stage feeling the obligation that I have to stand on it as soon as possible. I wanted to be more talented, and I thought that the first priority was to show a stage in high-quality finished form. So I did not think that I wanted to stand on stage as soon as possible. Continue reading

Park Yoochun’s Interview [Part II]

Compared to anyone else, Park YooChun (25) has unlocked the door to 2011 most spiritedly. We met him on the 13th and his face looked extremely bright. Through “SungKyunKwan Scandal”, the drama in which he made his acting debut, Park Yoochun won a total of 3 awards (Best Newcomer Award, Best Couple Award, Netizen Award) at the 2010 KBS Drama Awards. The Music Essay album by JYJ, a group in which he is a member of, has caused a sensation in bookstores, and he is going through a busy period.
Continue reading

Five idol taboos broken by the ‘Big Space Star’ Kim Heechul

Within five years of his debut, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul has not only skyrocketed to fame, but he’s also become a formidable star in the celebrity stratosphere.

Heechul first debuted as a member of Super Junior back in 2005, and caught everyone’s attention with his pretty boy looks.  Producers from the acting industry were quick to cast this handsome rookie, which eventually landed him a role in KBS’s “Banolim.” From the start of his career, Heechul doubled his potential by walking on dual paths as an actor and a singer.

But it’s not only his career choices alone that made his star rise. Continue reading

Park Yoochun’s Interview

When JYJ member, Park YooChun decided to take on acting, many people were saying, ‘Can a singer act in a TV drama?’ etc and topics were arising from the same. But YooChun’s challenge to take on acting had won him high praises. Last year at the KBS Drama Awards, YooChun who acted in the KBS TV drama SungKyunKwan Scandal, had three awards crowned on him, having won the rookie award, netizens award and popularity award. His ability has once again gained everyone’s attention.

The flawless, ‘warm’ YooChun, when he was in TVXQ, he was really an artist with both looks and talent, having limitless chance to become the best star.
Continue reading

JYJ’s Junsu Talks About Love and His Most Difficult Times

JYJ’s Junsu made an appearance on YTN’s “News & Issues – Issues & People” on January 12th, and shared a candid interview with the MCs on set.

He began with an interesting story about being hit on: “A long time ago, there was a person who called me and expressed her feelings for me through the phone.  She is a celebrity.  There was also another person who is a part of a girl group.Continue reading