[OLD NEWS] Oricon States, “Korean Girl Groups’ Popularity Is All Thanks To TVXQ”

I found the article on livejournal (thanks a lot to pamelaxiah@lj ^^) and it bothered me a lot too…you know, since Changmin called Cassiopeia as ‘elite minority‘ recently, it reminds me back how firstly I became a Cassiopeia and join the fandom although until now I’m still an unofficial one >//<. But even in early 2010, the fandom is as big as the world, most likely. Cassies are everywhere. Like, everywhere. I’m not that old but probably there are a lot more who are younger than me and know the jpop kpop thingy later.

It is true that TVXQ is fading. The fancafe member decreased the most, twitter accounts deactivated, people changing fandom to the new young groups, discredited TVXQ just like that. At least that’s what I feel for the past four years. Even when I was still an ELF in 2009, I always adore and respect TVXQ as the most successful sunbaes that time, and the fact they could still draw attention so much, I always wanted to join. But I was a rookie and thought, ‘ah Cassiopeia and TVXQ both are elite’. Because everytime they do concerts, their performances are always way better than the recorded one–which is rare. I also found how amazing the fans are doing fanprojects like banners and lightsticks and singalong like that. I adore everything about them.

But I don’t find anything like that anymore this time. So I guess this article is so related to what I feel. Please read.

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Japanese Men Picked Male Celebrities With Ideal Skin

It’s not a secret that women like handsome male celebrities who, on top of that, also have beautiful skin. But have you ever thought about the men’s point of view?

Here are the Top10 of “male celebrities with ideal skin” according to Japanese men. Check it out! 😀


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Yaaayy~~!!! Another Oricon Chart is out!!!


Congrats to Bleach anyway! They’re must be sooo amazing!! *I can’t catch the episode, I already lost may episodes!! T___________T*

Andd, I see Dr. Gray-man ,.. hoohohohoo~~ Even I’ve never completely finished read one of that comic… I love the title LOL … Nice One!! 😀



1. “BLEACH” (the 48th colume) – Kubo Tite (462,154)

2. “Yotsubato!” (the 10th volume) – Azuma Kiyohiko (243,912)

3. “D.Gray-man” (the 21st volume) – Hoshino Katsura (215,177)

4. “Gintama” (the 37th volume) – Sorachi Hideaki (188,618)

5. “Katei Kyoushi Hit Man REBORN!” (the 32nd volume) – Amano Akira (180,760)



Source: Oricon style

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ORICON WEEKLY CHART For December 13th Is Released!!!

Ttanttaranttaraaaannn~~~ 😀

The Oricon is oouutt~~~ ^^

Let’s check it out!!


<Single Weekly Ranking>

1. “Family ~Hitotsu ni naru koto~” (Limited Edition) – KinKi Kids : 12/1 (165,406)

2. “from” (Limited Edition) – Yuzu : 12/1 (43,981)

3. “On Your Mark ~Hikari no Kiseki~” (with DVD) – 3 daime J Soul Brothers : 12/1 (41,485)

4. “Save The One, Save The All” (Limited Edition Ichigo ver.) – T.M. Revolution : 12/1 (40,863)

5. “Ranbu no Melody” (Limited Edition type A) – SID : 12/1 (37,562)


<Album Weekly Ranking>

1. “SENSE” – Mr.Children : 12/1 (501.992)

2. “LOVE CENTRAL” – DREAMS COME TRUE : 11/30 (92,076)

3. “Utada Hikaru SINGLE COLLECTION Vol.2″ – Utada Hikaru : 11/24 (66,316)

4. “Ikimonobakari ~members’ BEST selection~” – Ikimonogakari : 11/3 (45,718)

5. “THE BEST BANG!!” – Fukuyama Masaharu : 11/17 (44,302)


<DVD Weekly Ranking (Synthesis)>


2. “TOY STORY 3″ – anime : 12/1

3. “in to the 「G」” – “GANTZ” navigate DVD : 12/1

4. “Tunnels no Minasan no Okagedeshita Hakase to Joshu Komakasugite Tsutawaranai Monomane Senshuken vol.1 「Rikako to Sugoshita Natsu」EPISODE 1-5 – Tunnels : 12/3

5. “Tunnels no Minasan no Okagedeshita Hakase to Joshu Komakasugite Tsutawaranai Monomane Senshuken vol.2 「va~vavanvavavavava~va~van」EPISODE 6-8 – Tunnels : 12/3

Source: Oricon style


Hey, BTW I didn’t see 2PM anymore after their winning for the DVD… Hmm, must be so hurt to stay as the Number 1, eh?

But hey, congrats to Utada Hikaru and Ikimonogakari!! 😀