Male Idol Group Rankings By 30 Entertainment Reporters

This is an old news, to be honest. But it doesn’t matter to me because though this post was posted in 2010, I think nothing changed too much within only 2 years, right? ^^

Public Recognition
#2 Big Bang
#3 2PM
#4 Super Junior
#5 SS501
#6 2AM
#7 SHINee
#8 FT Island
#9 U-Kiss, BEAST Continue reading

Author’s: (Another) Post of Forgiveness


(I used the penguin pic for my English homework, it’s a description text. You should know that I’m crazy about penguin hahaha :D)

*cough* first of all, I want to say hello. Sort of feel bad for not updating almost for one month. I must said, that I don’t have time to search for news and write the news to my blog within a minute. Continue reading

Author’s: Another Art: Hello, Mr.Baldeous~ ^w^

Actually I want to edit this pic first on ps, but I forgot that I don’t have it *sigh* Even if I have it, I only have the cs3 version. FYI, Adobe will  release the CS6 this year–maybe June? Idk. I only played with brightness, contrast and balk-white tone on MS Picture Manager (yeah?) Although it didn’t came out so well like the real person*oops, I can’t tell you the person. It’s some that—bald .___.* Well, he’s smart, a bit innocent face *OH…* and he’s the senior who sat with me at the first semester’s exam :3 *you wouldn’t know who he is /pray* Continue reading

When Kim Jaejoong Goes Crazy… He Eats a Parrot…

An unusual photo of JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong has been revealed.

Recently, a photo was released on a particular website with the title “Hungry Parrot That Wants To Become An Egyptian Plover*” In the photo, the parrot is seen with it’s head stretched inside Kim Jaejoong’s mouth, which is wide open. This unusual sight is hilarious. Continue reading