Son Ho Young (손호영) – I Only Want You (너만을 원했다) (OST. Nice Guy) Lyric [Han/Rom/Eng]

Title Track : I Only Wanted You (너만을 원했다)
Artist : Son Ho Young (손호영)
Innocent Man (세상 어디에도 없는 차칸남자) 无辜者 OST
Release Date : 07.11.2012
Company | Publisher : GAZI Contents | LOEN Entertainment

Hangeul Lyric

난 너만을 원했다
사랑해 너를 잊지 못해 난 그저 애타게 널 기다려왔어
내 곁엔 없는 잡히지도 않는 너만을 그리며
이렇게 나를 버리고 떠난 너는 그렇게 웃고 있지만
그래도 사랑한다 널 사랑한다 나는 그렇게
너만을 원했다 그렇게 애원했다 Continue reading

Our Ahjussis’s Selca *lol

Waaa~~~ Our g.o.d ex-memberrss~~ RE-UNITED ^^

Even it’s just Son Hoyoung and Kim Taewoo… It’s still cute 😀

Son Hoyoung took the photos on the set of KBS’s Win Win and posted those photos from his twitter ^^

These are the photos followed by Hoyoung’s description ^^

This is the Win Win filming set ke ke ke old g.o.d days pose~ hahahaha

Shocked expression??^^;;; kekekekeke getting playful~^^


Young enough to still be cute…???… Right???^^;;;;; hahahahaha


Fans commented, “You didn’t make these expressions during the g.o.d days! keke You were a boys-next-door group!“, “Looks like I’ll have to watch Win Win 🙂 Brings back old memories, sigh..ㅠ_ㅠ“, and “Oppa totally cute….. kekekeke“.

Source: Son Ho Young’s Twitter

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Hey, I think this is the good times for reunited, after Heejun and Tony ahjussi LOL 🙂