XIA Junsu (준수) – Love Is Like Snow (사랑은 눈꽃처럼) Lyric (OST. Nice Guy) [Han/Rom/Eng]

Album: 세상 어디에도 없는 착한남자 OST Part.1
Composition: 백무현, 정창욱
Lyrics: 백무현, 정창욱
Arrangement: 백무현, 정창욱


Hangul Lyric

웃는다 또 어제처럼 난
숨긴다 아무 일 없는듯
허락없이 그대 맘 살펴 온 Continue reading

The Reason Why Kim Junsu Had To Be The One To Rewrite The History of K-Pop

[The following is a direct translation of the article as it appeared on Nate via Sports Chosun.]

In New York, K-pop rewrote its history.

On August 30, JYJ member Kim Junsu started his first world tour in New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom. Until now, idol groups, girl groups, and agency ‘families’ have gone on these, but Kim Junsu is the fist solo artist to start a world tour alone.

To that extent, the New York performance had a special meaning to K-pop. This was a breakthrough not only for Kim Junsu, but also for K-pop, which had been hampered by limited genres and artists. Continue reading

XIA Junsu(시아준수) – Even Though I Know(알면서도) Lyric [Han/Rom/Eng]

끝난 줄 나 알고 있지만

kkeut-nan jul na al-go it-ji-man

그래 아닌 줄 더 잘 알고 있어

geu-rae a-nin jul deo jal al-go iss-eo

처음부터 내 맘은 아직 그대로인데

cheo-eum-bu-teo nae mam-eun a-jik geu-dae-ro-in-de

어떡해 널 지울수 있어

eo-tteok-hae neol ji-ul-su iss-eo


하지만 그것만 알아줘

ha-ji-man geu-geot-man ar-a-jweo

오직 내 맘은 니가 전부란걸

o-jik nae mam-eun ni-ga jeon-bu-ran-geol Continue reading

JYJ Junsu’s Philanthropy Efforts Spread Overseas

JYJ Junsu‘s philanthropy efforts have spread overseas to his Taiwan fans.

The Kim Junsu fan club in Taiwan has recently donated school supplies for 500 children at the “Xia Junsu Village” in Cambodia, which Junsu sponsors himself. The Taiwanese fan club donated supplies like notebooks, pencils, erasers, rulers, pencil cases, pencil Continue reading

Rooftop Prince Compilation Pics Part 1 :D

It’s not complete yet, but I hope I’ll finish it for the part 2. I really love YoochunJimin pairing, especially when they already love each other (>w<) so maybe I’ll upload their pics more than the others kkekkekke~
Oyea, I also love Lee Minho here. He just looks so—similiar to Tablo of Epik High, my favorite rapper. He also acted as the smarty-pants guy, reminds me of Tablo’s high IQ 😀

OK, that’s just my opinion. I hope you enjoy them ^^ Continue reading