[RANDOM] A Neighbor You Might Wanted to Visit

Hi! You know I haven’t been able to post anything except drama pics collections here. Because currently I was a bit confused about where to post. I tend to made this blog long ago to post my fanfic (but ended up never!) and I started posting lyrics, news, pics, etc. I thought it was useless because there are more sites that people can access easier than my own blog. I have tumblr, livejournal, and blogspot too and I used them for different purposes.

I reblogged pic spams in tumblr, then my personal rants in blogspot (and a few of movie reports in bahasa), and recently I’ve been nonstoppingly using my lj account to access communities and posting my fanarts. I became happier there since I could post my own creation and find friends (it’s easier because we met in communities and such) but then I wonder about this blog and what should I do.

I’m thinking of moving my own collection to livejournal–I mean, posting my next collection in livejournal. I know some people said that the place has began to be dead, but I just started. And it’s a fun thing until now, living in livejournal. I don’t get to know anyone from wordpress neither do meet anyone except groups that own the wordpress. I don’t know.

My obsession currently is Arashi and most of the people lives there so it might have some connections to my thought of leaving…it’s not leaving maybe, it’s moving. I don’t have any intention of deleting this wordpress/account anyway, I rarely do anything like that. This place left a lot of memories for me. So….maybe I’ll take more time to think.

Here is the link of my livejournal, please do visit me if you’re interested. I’m still new so I don’t have a lot of stuffs there, but I’ll check it everyday. ๐Ÿ™‚

Interesting Questions, Facts, and Information of Fruits Basket ^-^



Q: In what volume did Tohru accept Kyo’s “true form”?
A: six. She accepted it because she loves him.

Q: After the second visit to Kyoko’s grave, what is between them when Kyo hugs Tohru?
A: sheet. Tohru was hanging laundry, got upset, and was comforted by Kyo.

Q: When they get back from the summer house and are at school, what word does Kyo start to think of Tohru as, when Uo and another student are teasing her and she is blushing?
A: cu–. They were teasing Tohru saying she must be going on a date, she starts blushing like crazy. Kyo then looks at her and blushes as well. Continue reading

Author’s: New Days on Senior High~

Annyeonghashimnika, this is Erru-Chan speaking (again) *of course! this is my blog!!! lol*

How is you day these days? Fun? Me think so. For a student like me, being received from a senior high school is truly a good thing. Even if it’s far from my house, and a downtown school, but for me, it’s always’ve been the best thing ^^

Now, I’m doing some…err, what ya? In my country lang, it called MOS. It’s like, umm…an event, wich you have to pass through right with those strict rules…is it like that? xD well, uh, some people said it was for introducing the school, meet new friends etc etc etc~

Aisshh, my English is getting worse and worse since I’ve never blogging for more than a week, and I rarely watch Western movies too these days, since Indonesia didn’t imported Western movies–oh no, it’s outer movies (worse~ T^^T)

But yeah, I’m still working on it. Searching for friends…and oh, you know what? I already met some nemesis T^^T how pity~ but uhh, maybe it’s just what I think. Hope not!!! And uh, for those things that I have to use, such as a recycle hat(and I’m making it a bit witch style kkekkekke~), and umm, a bag that made from sack (urrgghh, I hate this one the most >0<), and some badges which is my favorite *ROFL~* If I don’t do it, I’ll get ‘The Worst Student Ever’ named alongside my nametag =..= Continue reading

Admin’s: Back to The Deck—Waiting for the Next Step…

Hello, this is Erru-Chan. Owner of this blog–if you don’t know…

Aisshh, I’m totally being a loner here (Of course, I didn’t even try to find another author, kkekkekke~) But it’s okay, still happy when I saw the visitors keep increasing everyday, even when I didn’t update it. Gosh, I thought after I’m doing the national exam+grading exam, I will be definitely update this blog everyday—cause I don’t have anything else to do, except for…waiting the result of the ‘Next Step’. Continue reading

Happy Birthday to You You, Ruth Desy Paramitha!!! :D

Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you

Happy birthday, happy birthday,

Happy Birthday to you!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

You know that song???? It’s just an ordinary song, but you know how much you love it when someone sings it for you ๐Ÿ™‚ You know that how happy are you when you remember that this is your day, and that song came up in the first line… Even sometimes it makes you worry about your life is getting shorter, but this is always been a very special day for reminding you… You know, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Well, I know I’m so late to do this. But, uhh… just appreciate this as my birthday card for you *maksa XD* Maybe I’ll give you the present late *Dunno what to give!!! XO* *note: kalo mau bloeh komen biar aku beliin hahahahahaa~ XD* Continue reading