JYJ – In Heaven MV RELEASED!!!!! :D

On September 15, C-JeS Entertainment revealed the full MV to JYJ’s title track, “In Heaven, timed in conjunction with the long-awaited release of JYJ’s ten-track Korean album, also titled In Heaven.

And after last week’s foreboding MV teaser, JYJ fans finally get to experience Junsu and Song Ji Hyo‘s touching love story. Junsu plays the all-too-busy boyfriend who chooses work over love, which he learns to regret only after fate takes Ji Hyo’s life in a tragic car accident. Continue reading

JYJ – In Heaven Teaser MV + ScreenCaps + Tracklist

IN HEAVEN MV TEASER WAS RELEASED!!!!!!!!! GOSH, Kim Junsu-oppa leads the teaser with Song Ji-Hyo as a couple with a mysterious ending… Well, I think it’s an angst, knowing how the lyric goes to ._.
Anyway, here is the official link for the MV Teaser JYJ – In Heaven [click here]

The teaser went soft at first, a truly sweet couple. But in the end, we could see that Ji-Hyo is crying, and Junsu is running *maybe towards her*, and that’s what makes me cry after screaming LOL~ Continue reading

8Eight – Covering Those Lips/Blocking Those Lips (그_입술을_막아본다) Lyric [Han/Rom/Eng]

Hangul Lyric

그 소리가 들려온다
나의 온 몸에서 들려온다
절대 듣고 싶지 않은 소리
절대 들어서는 안될 소리
너의 입에서
곧 쏟아지려 하는 그 소리
그 입술을 막아본다
말 하지마 하지마
니 말을 막고 귀를 막아봐도
예감도 직감도
다 아는 니 그 소리
아니기를 바라는 맘
자꾸 짧아졌던 너의 통화
여기 저기 듣고 싶지 않은
거짓말 같은 안 좋은 소문
나를 네 멋대로
떠나려고 하는 그 소리
i 그 입술을 막아본다
말 하지마 하지마
니 말을 막고 귀를 막아봐도 Continue reading

5Doll’s Photos & Video Teaser for ‘Like This or That’

Co-Ed’s female sub-unit 5dolls are back for another round of promotions after concluding their debut earlier this year.

The girls teamed up with hit composers Kim Kibum, Kang Jiwon, Shinsadong Tiger, and Choi Kyu Sang for a new club remix album titled, “Time to Play“. Comprised of eight tracks, five of them are remixed songs from their debut album, “Charming Five Girls.” The album also includes an intro and two new songs, one of which is their title track, “Like This or That.”

Like This or That” is the work of Kim Kibum and Kang Jiwon (of SECRET’s “Madonna“, “Shy Boy“, “Magic“). It features an addictive bass sound and an electric guitar, which combined gives a retro feel to the chorus. Continue reading

U-Kiss – 0330 Lyric [Han/Eng/Rom]

Artist :: U-Kiss (유키스)

Album Title:: Bran New Kiss

Album Information :: EP, Studio

Title Track :: 0330

Genre :: Hip Hop

Release Date :: March 30, 2011

Planning | Distribution :: (주)앤에이취이엠쥐 | Loen Entertainment

Hangul and Romanji/Romanization

yo listen up this is my tragic story just to break in my heart Continue reading

Kim Tae Woo – Brothers & Me (Feat. Rain and JY Park) [Han/Eng/Rom]

Yeaaaaaaaahhh~!!!!! *huggles* kkekkekke~

Yo man, ahjussi is BACK! 😀 New song, aww it’s so a warm and cute song 🙂 Altough at first I was scared about his voice, due to his operation last time—but no, nothing’s wrong! Kim Tae Woo is back with da WARM SIDE! :D:D:D Titled with T-School, and his main song called Brothers&Me ^^. Continue reading

Epik High – 1 Minute 1 Second Lyric (Feat JiSun) [Han/Rom/Eng]


I can’t let go(go go go)
어딜 봐도 네 모습이 보이고(무너지는 내 맘)
숨길 수가 없어 baby 단 1분 1초도
I can’t let go(go go go)
어딜 가도 네 목소리 들리고(부서지는 심장)
숨쉴 수가 없어 baby 단 1분 1초도
(한 순간도 단 1분 1초도) Continue reading