Who Are The Best MR (Music Removed) Singers?

MR (Music Removed) videos have been an increasingly common way for netizens to gauge how well idols perform during live broadcasts, as a way to see how well they can actually sing.  Recently, Mnet’s “Idol Chart Show” compared the MR clips of the idol singers, and selected the best of the best.

TVXQ was selected as the overall winner, from a field of Korea’s best idol singers. Continue reading

Changmin & Jinwoon of 2AM – Can’t I Love You Lyric (사랑하면 안될까) [Han/Eng/Rom]

Yaayaayaaa~!!! This is the most reccomendable song from Dream High OST. 🙂 And Me likes it too~ 🙂 Remembered this song is almost played during Samdong & Hyemi scenes X3 Okay, just read it guys ^^b

Hangul & Romanization

매번 마주칠 때마다
maebeon majuchil ttaemada
니가 웃어줄 때마다
niga useojul ttaemada
조금씩 내 안에 조금씩
jogeumssik nae ane jogeumssik
널 향한 마음이 자라더니
neol hyanghan maeumi jaradeoni
이제는 널 생각하면
ijeneun neol saenggakhamyeon
니 모습을 떠올리면
ni moseubeul tteoollimyeon Continue reading

Dream High OST. Tracklist

Okaay, at the first time I really wanna avoid this drama—-but as you can see… I REALLY CAN’T!!! :laugh:

First of all, there’s so many reasons why I don’t want to watch this drama. Some of them are, Suzy’s role. I don’t hate her, it’s just her role. Being a cruel girl, it’s soo annoying! But then, after watching tthe drama—slowly but sure, I’m clicked 🙂 Even tough Suzy’s acting wasn’t very good, but she did made me cry everytime kkekkekke~ Continue reading

MelOn releases results for “2010 TOP 100 Album Chart”

On January 7th, music portal site MelOn revealed the results for their “2010 TOP 100 Album Chart“.

The results were ranked according to digital sales, so check them out below!


1. 2AM – “Can’t Send You Away Even If I Die”
2. SNSD – “Oh!”
3. 2NE1 – “To Anyone”
4. DJ DOC – “Taste for the Arts”
5. IU & 2AM’s Seulong – “Nagging” Continue reading

2AM – You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls Lyric [Han/Rom/Eng]



얼마나 얼마나 싫어할지 알면서도
이것밖에 할 게 없다
너의 집 앞에서 하릴없이 너를 기다리는 일

아무리 아무리 나 비참해도
너를 잃는 것보단 잃을 게 없어서
같은 곳에서 너의 집 앞에서 기다린다

이미 전활 받는 않는 너에게
나를 보려조차 않는 너에게
아무리 빌어도 용서를 구해도
소용없는 일이라 해도
Source: LYBIO.net

너의 집 앞에 서서 기다린다
나를 본채조차 하지 않아도
마치 처음 본 사람처럼 날 지나쳐도
미안하다는 내 한마디 들어줄 때까지

하루에도 수십 번씩 전화기를 보고
작은 소리에도 놀라서
너의 문자인지 몇 번씩 확인하곤 했어

처음에는 처음엔 늘 있는 다툼처럼
돌아올 줄 알았어
이렇게 독하게 날 떠나기엔
너는 너무 착한 여자라서

이미 전활 받지 않는 너에게
나를 보려조차 않는 너에게
아무리 빌어도 용서를 구해도
소용없는 일이라 해도

너의 집 앞에 서서 기다린다
나를 본채조차 하지 않아도
마치 처음 본 사람처럼 날 지나쳐도
미안하다는 내 한마디 들어줄 때까지



[JINWOON]Eolmana eolmana sirheohalji almyeonseodo
Igeotbakke hal ge eopda
Neoui jip apeseo harireobsi neoreul gidarineun il

[SEULONG]Amuri amuri na bicham haedo
Neoreul irnneun geotbodan irheul ge eobseoseo
Gateun goseseo neoui jip apeseo gidarinda

[JOKWON]Imi jeonhwal batji annneun neoege
Nareul boryeojocha annneun neoege
Amuri bireodo yongseoreul guhaedo
Soyong eomneun irira haedo

[CHANGMIN]Neoui jip ape seoseo gidarinda
Nareul bonchae jocha haji anhado
Machi cheoeum bon saram cheoreom nal jinachyeodo
Mianhadaneun nae hanmadi deureojul ttaekkaji

[JINWON]Haruedo susip beonssik jeonhwagireul bogo
Jageun soriedo nollaseo
Neoui munja inji
Myeot beonssik hwaginhagon haesseo

[SEULONG]Cheoeumeneun cheoeumen neul inneun datum cheoreom
Doraol jul arasseo
Ireoke dokhage nal tteonagien
Neoneun neomu chakhan yeojaraseo

[JOKWON]Imi jeonhwal batji annneun neoege
Nareul boryeojocha annneun neoege
Amuri bireodo yongseoreul guhaedo
Soyongeomneun irira haedo

[CHANGMIN]Neoui jip ape seoseo gidarinda
Nareul bonchaejocha haji anhado
Machi cheoeum bon saramcheoreom nal jinachyeodo
Mianhadaneun nae hanmadi deureojul ttaekka



Even though I know you how much how much you hate it, I can’t do anything but this
In front of your door, just idly waiting

Even though I’m so miserable, it’s better than losing you
I can’t lose you, so I stay near you, in front of your door waiting

You who won’t answer my calls anymore, you who doesn’t want to see me at all
No matter how I beg for forgiveness, there’s already no use
Source: LYBIO.net

Waiting by your door, even if you pretend you can’t see me
Brushing past my shoulder like seeing a stranger you just met
Waiting until you are willing to hear me say sorry

Looking at my phone ten times a day, even jumping at the slight sound
To find out if you had sent me a text message

At first, at first, I thought like normal fights you would come back
Because you’re such a nice girl you wouldn’t be so cruel to leave me

You who won’t answer my calls anymore, you who doesn’t want to see me at all
No matter how I beg for forgiveness, there’s already no use

Waiting by your door, even if you pretend you can’t see me
Brushing past my shoulder like seeing a stranger you just met
Waiting until you are willing to hear me say sorry



Sr: LYBIO.net

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List for ‘2010 Bugs Awards’ via Polls

This polls starts from November 23rd to December 13rd.

Let’s go check it out!! 😀

< Song of the Year >

1. SNSD – “Oh!” 25.4%
2. 2AM – “Can’t Send You Even If I Die” 12.1%
3. BoA – “Hurricane Venus” 8.91%
4. 2NE1 – “Clap Your Hands” 7.60%
5. CNBLUE – “Loner” 7.07%
6. 2PM – “Heartbeat” 5.93%
7. KARA – “Lupin” 5.09%
8. miss A – “Bad Girl Good Girl” 4.82%
9. T-ara – “Bo Peep Bo Peep” 4.47%
10. Son Dambi – “Queen” 3.75%
11. IU & 2AM’s Seulong – “Nagging” 3.47%
12. Secret – “Madonna” 3.13%
13. Brown Eyed Girls – “Sign” 3.04%
14. Ga-In & Jo Kwon – “We Fell In Love” 2.99%
15. After School – “Because of You” 2.02%

< Drama OST >

1. f(x) – “I Love You, I Love You” 22.2%
2. Lee Seung Chul – “That Person” 15.5%
3. 2AM – “Like a Fool” 10.2%
4. Im Jaebum – “Branding” 9.10%
5. Lee Seung Gi – “I Love You Starting Now” 8.50%
6. Gummy – “Because It’s You” 7.62%
7. IU – “Because I’m A Girl” 6.80%
8. Park Hyo Shin – “I Love You” 5.93%
9. Kim Tae Woo – “Dreaming” 5.72%
10. G.NA – “Will You Kiss Me” 3.46%
11. SG Wannabe & Ok Ju Hyun – “Page One” 2.46%
12. BMK – “Waiting Only Leaves Wounds” 2.36%

< Trot >

1. Super Junior – “Knock Knock Knock” 37.2%
2. Jang Yoon Jung – “Olleh” 23.5%
3. Hong Jin Young – “My Love” 13.6%
4. Park Hyun Bin – “Ah! Hot” 8.84%
5. LPG – “Love’s Bell” 4.04%
6. Aurora – “Dodouble” 3.20%
7. Jo Hang Jo “Lie” 3.00%
8. Park Sang Chul – “Bang Bang” 2.90%
9. Geum Bi – “Kong Dak Kong Dak” 2.57%
10. Oh Ji Ye – “Take Responsbility” 0.90%

< Indie >

1. Lucid Fall – “Mackerel” 35.3%
2. 10cm – “Good Night” 12.7%
3. Springloll – “Humming” 11.0%
4. Attic Moonlight – “Attic Moonlight” 8.57%
5. Kyu Won – “Train Tracks” 7.38%
6. Misty Blue – “One” 6.62%
7. Daybreak – “Popcorn” 4.94%
8. Dr. Core 911 – “The Escape” 4.74%
9. Mono Diary – “The Name of a Song Called Memories” 4.64%
10. Cheezstereo – “Mars Romance” 4.01%

< Music Video >

1. SNSD – “Oh!” 25.9%
2. f(x) – “Nu ABO” 20.9%
3. 2NE1 – “Can’t Nobody” 10.2%
4. SHINee – “Lucifer” 9.77%
5. miss A – “Bad Girl Good Girl” 7.11%
6. Hyuna – “Change” 6.33%
7. Rainbow – “Ah” 3.72%
8. Wonder Girls – “2 Different Tears” 3.46%
9. T.O.P – “Turn It Up” 3.11%
10. SS501 – “Love Like This” 2.42%
11. T-ara – “Crazy Because of You” 2.41%
12. Secret – “Madonna” 2.28%
13. After School – “Because of You” 2.17%

< Rookie >

1. CNBLUE – 24.7%
2. miss A – 16.9%
3. Orange Caramel – 7.64%
4. G.NA / SISTAR (TIE) – 6.78%
5. December – 5.47%
6. Rainbow – 5.25%
7. Seo In Guk – 5.10%
8. UV – 4.61%
9. Girl’s Day – 4.18%
10. ZE:A – 3.87%
11. Gil Hak mi – 3.29%
12. Infinite – 2.17%
13. Nine Muses – 1.54%
14. An Jin Kyung – 1.51%

< Duet >

1. Ga-In & Jo Kwon – “We Fell In Love” 25.6%
2. Seo Young Eun (Feat. Jung Yeob) – “This Pitiful Word” 19.5%
3. IU & 2AM’s Seulong – “Nagging” 19.3%
4. OneTwo (Feat. Seo In Young) – “Bad Woman Pt. II” 15.3%
5. Homme by Hitman Bang – “Still Eating Well” 12.3%
6. CL & Minzy – “Please Don’t Go” 7.77%

< Variety Star >

1. Lee Teuk (Strong Heart) 34.3%
2. Lee Seung Gi (1N2D) 12.1%
3. Jo Kwon (We Got Married) 11.7%
4. Yoo Se Yoon (UV) 11.2%
5. Micky Yoochun (Sungkyunkwan Scandal) 7.66%
6. Gil (Infinity Challenge) 6.34%
7. Yoon Jong Shin (Radio Star) 6.03%
8. Narsha (Invincible Youth) 3.98%
9. Bae Da Hae (Qualifications of Men) 2.66%
10. Jiyeon (God of Study) 1.97%
11. Im Seulong (We Got Married) 1.88%

< Idol >

1. SNSD 22.8%
2. f(x) 16.7%
3. JYJ 8.91%
4. SHINee 6.40%
5. Park Jaebeom 6.03%
6. 2AM 5.64%
7. 2PM 5.38%
8. 2NE1 4.90%
9. CNBLUE 4.44%
10. B2ST 4.28%
11. KARA 2.44%
12. miss A 1.90%
13. BoA 1.86%
14. MBLAQ 1.08%
15. Secret 1.02%
16. Rainbow 0.94%
17. Infinite 0.76%
18. Girl’s Day 0.75%
19. SS501 0.73%
20. Wonder Girls / KARA 0.74%
21. ZE:A / 4minute 0.43%
22. SISTAR 0.42%

< Senior Idol >

1. Super Junior 35.8%
2. DJ DOC 20.9%
3. Psy 12.3%
4. Brown Eyed Girls 12.2%
5. Sung Shi Kyung 6.3%
6. Se7en 4.10%
7. After School 3.02%
8. Seo In Young 2.22%
9. Son Dambi 1.48%
10. Nine Muses 1.46%

Source: Star News via Nate, Bugs Music Awards via allkpop

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JYP Nation For The Christmas!!!


Artists of the JYP Nation family got together for the first time at the JYP House in order to film the music video for their Christmas carol album, “This Christmas.”  Fans will be able to see different sides to their favorite JYP artists as they laugh and play amongst each other in celebration of the upcoming holiday. Shall we see for ourselves?

Wooyoung & Jo Kwon

“Filming began at 5 AM! Not only the staff, but the JYP Nation artists as well were tired. Wooyoung and Jo Kwon helped liven the atmosphere with their cute antics and quickly became the ‘happy virus’ of the set. They went around to all of the different recording sets in order to share their strength and lend support.”

Interview Filming

“A lot of reporters came to the scene, as it’s the first time ever that JYP artists came together. We were able to see the hot interest everyone had, as they continually asked for interviews whenever any of the members had a free moment.”

Junho & Sohee Omok

“Junho’s ‘omok’ game received a lot of attention from everyone on set. Many were bickering over who got to play first and concentrated hard on beating each other at the game. Sohee didn’t show interest at first but soon fell to its charms.”

Beastly Idol

“It seems like not everyone can become a beastly 2PM member. Nichkhun worked out throughout the set, doing sit ups with a chair or walking around and doing push ups wherever there was room. It was obvious that his body was made with pure effort! Nichkhun! That’s enough!”

Choreography Practice

“The biggest happening of the day was none other than Park Jin Young’s spontaneous dancing!! He immediately came up with a choreography for the carol song right on the spot and discussed it with the director before deciding to include it in the MV. The members enjoyed learning the fun new dance.”

A lot of people

“There were so many people for the JYP Nation team that some had to wait outside because the set was too small. Although it was buzzing with noise, the minute the director stated that he was beginning to film, the set immediately hushed into a lull.”

Looking at the recorded film

“The director, being a humorous young guy, made sure to pay attention to every little aspect of the members he were filming. He made sure to communicate clearly and discuss everything thoroughly in order to have a satisfactory scene for both himself and the members.”

Long-term group

“Members went through a photoshoot before the MV filming officially began. Groups were divided into interest topics, but the most interesting of all was the “JYP Long-term Trainee” team. They’re the living history of the JYP company!”

Maknae Group

“Following the “long-term” group was the “maknae” group. We always thought Sohee would forever remain the baby of the company, but seeing Suzy following her around while calling out ‘unni unni‘ made us all realize just how much the JYP family has grown. ^^”

Group Picture

“It took longer than we thought to gather everyone for a group picture. They were all having so much fun that they didn’t even listen to instructions from the director and busily chatted amongst themselves. JYP Nation, fighting!!”

Here are some polaroid pictures of the JYP artists as a gift!

miss A
Spending a day with the JYP family was so fun. We would’ve never imagined something like this to happen to us just a few months ago. We’ll be working extra harder in order to become a miss A that follows the path of our seniors!!!! JYP fighting!! AQ fighting too!!

Today was the day our JYP family got together! We’re so glad that such a day came to us. Please anticipate this get-together every year into the future. ^^

San E
It feels like it was only yesterday that I sent my demo tape to Jin Young-hyung. I still can’t believe that I’ve become a part of the JYP family and am singing a carol with them like this~ Our first family concert has to hit jackpot… hehe, it will!!!!

We’re so glad that all of us have come together like this. We want to be with our family forever!! Everyone, please give our JYP Nation carol song lots of love!!

Wonder Girls
We feel like tearing up at the thought of coming together under the name of JYP Nation. You don’t know how long we’ve waited for this. We’ll become a bigger family in the future, right? Please give JYP Nation lots of love!!

Lim Jung Hee
I thank the sky for being able to sing a carol song and even shoot a music video with our JYP family like this. I hope that these opportunities come up more. Not only Korea, but out into the world.. I can anticipate that, right? ^^

Singing a carol song for the first time with our JYP family was such a fun experience. I’m so excited for our first concert to be held on Christmas Eve. Other families must feel this way too, right? JYP Nation fighting!!!

Park Jin Young
This day has finally come. The family album and concert I’ve always dreamed of. Out of my entire celebrity career, I think today is the happiest day. I’ll make a lot of music to make sure that my kids are always happy and smiling like today. Children, fighting!!!^^

Source: Naver + Allkpop

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Result From Fans For The 2010 MAMA

At first I won’t see this, after last year’s MAMA…

But, I hope that won’t happen anymore after I see the result …

Check this Out!!!


  • Best New Male Artist: CNBLUE
  • Best New Female Artist: miss A
  • Best Male Group: Super Junior
  • Best Female Group: 2NE1
  • Best Male Solo Artist: Rain
  • Best Female Solo Artist: BoA
  • Best Solo Dance Performance: Rain
  • Best Dance Performance (Male): Super Junior
  • Best Dance Performance (Female): 2NE1
  • Best Solo Vocal Performance: Gummy
  • Best Vocal Performance (Group): 2AM
  • Best Band Performance: FT Island
  • Best Rap Performance: Epik High
  • Best Collaboration: Ga-In & Jo Kwon
  • Best Digital Single: Park Bom
  • Best Music Video: 2NE1
  • The Shilla Asian Wave: 2PM
  • Song of the Year: Super Junior
  • Artist of the Year: Super Junior


A total of 550,605 people from all over Asia participated in the polls, with the majority of voters being females in their twenties. These votes are factored into the final awards selection, and make up anywhere from 10-30% of the criteria for winners.


Source: MAMA official website
Tip: Sandra

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