TVXQ Reveals Tracklist + Song Preview For Upcoming Japanese Album, “TONE”

TVXQ are preparing to release a new Japanese album on September 28th, and they’ve just revealed the title and track list for the album through their official website!

Titled “TONE“, this will be TVXQ’s first Japanese album as a duo. The album will come in three different versions: two ‘CD+DVD’ editions and a ‘CD-only’ edition.

Check out the full track list and a preview for their song “B.U.T. (BE-AU-TY)” below!

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Super Junior – Mr.Simple Lyric [Han/Rom/Eng]



Because You Naughty, Naughty Hey! Mr. Simple
Because You Naughty, Naughty 슈주 간다!
세상이 내 맘대로 안 된다고 화만 내면 안 돼 그럴 필요 없지
걱정도 팔자다 작은 일에 너무 연연하지 말자 몸에 좋지 않아
성적이 좋았다가 나빴다가 그런 거지 뭐 흥! 실적이 올랐다가 떨어졌다 그런 때도 있지
어쩌면 괜찮아 쉬어 가는 것도 좋아 모든 것이 때, 때, 때, 때, 때가 있는 거니까
그대가 남자라면 친굴 만나 술 한 잔에 털어버리고 (Alright!) Alright
그대가 여자라면 친굴 만나 수다 떨어 날려버리고 (Alright!) Alright, Alright
*봐라 Mr. Simple, Simple 그대는 그대는 그대로 멋져
봐라 Miss Simple, Simple 그대는 그대로 예뻐 (S J Call!)
봐라 Mr. Simple, Simple 그대는 그대는 그대로 멋져
봐라 Miss Simple, Simple 그대는 그대로 예뻐 (S J Call!)
**가자 가자 어서 가자 막혔을 땐 돌아가자 골치 아파 죽겠다면 오늘 하루만 놀고 보자
안 그래도 거친 세상 죽어라 뛰면 나만 지쳐 기다려봐 아껴둬 봐 너의 날이 곧 올 테니까
Blow Your Mind 가라 Mr. Simple
Blow Your Mind 때가 왔잖아 두려워 말고
Blow Your Mind 가자 Mr. Simple
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Tohoshinki Is Awaiten For Their Album Release in Japan

It has been revealed that Tohoshinki will be releasing their new album on 28 September.

This is their first original album released in Japan since Yunho and Changmin restarted their activities as a two-man unit. The title and others will be relased in the future, but the singles’ title tracks “Why (Keep Your Head Down” and “Superstar,” as well as their coupling songs such as “MAXIMUM,” “I Don’t Know” and 7 other unreleased numbers will be added, for a total of 13 tracks.

Also, for this release, a DVD with PVs that are unreleased in the singles, and music videos will be included in one of the versions, and a DVD with video footage of the live event held this February at Makuhari Messe, Chiba will be included in another version. Continue reading

Super Junior’s Photo Teasers for 5th Album Completed!!!

*Sreaamm* Started from July 20th to 27th July, SM really made us crazy and froze with Super Junior‘s photo teasers one by one!!! ><

From the next day, with Donghae and Eunhyuk’s, until the last, wrapped up by Siwon and Mr.Heechul 😀

OK, without any further, I want all of you to see every photo teasers for them~^^



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After School Red & Blue Team Concept Photos and Album Covers

After School took a unique approach for their newest comeback, splitting into two units – ‘After School Red‘ and ‘After School Blue‘ – fostering friendly competition between the members.

The famous composer / producer Brave Brothers will collaborate with After School’s Kahi, Jungah, Uee, and Nana for After School Red’s “In the Night Sky“, while After School Blue’s Raina, Lizzy, Jooyeon, and E-Young will be working with Jo Young Soo. Continue reading

f(x) – Hot Summer Lyric [Han/Rom/Eng]

Artist :: f(x) / 에프엑스 / Effects
Title Album :: ‘Hot Summer’ 1st Album Repackage
Format :: Repackage, Single, Studio
Title Track :: Hot Summer (핫 섬머)
Genre :: Dance Pop
Release Date :: June 14, 2011
Label | Distribution :: SM Entertainment (에스엠엔터테인먼트)


Hangul & Romanization

Hot Hot Hot Hot Summer
Hot Hot Hot Hot
Hot Hot Hot Hot Summer
Hot Hot Hot Hot

도저히 이렇겐 더 안되겠어
dojohi iroken do andwegesso
내가 어떻게든 좀 손보겠어
nega ottokedeun jom sonbogesso
낡은 스타일밖에 모르는 널
nalgeun style-bakke moreuneun nol
프로듀스 얼마나 멋져질지
peurodyuseu olmana motjyojilji
좀 알겠어
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After School – Love Love Love Lyric [Han/Eng/Rom]


Composed by Anders Dannvik, Krististian Lagerstr
Lyrics by Raina (After School)

Hangul & Romanization

길을 걷다 멍하니 멈춰서 있죠
gireul gotda monghani momchwoso itjyo
내 눈앞에 보이는데 믿을 수가 없죠
nae nunape boineunde mideul suga opjyo
매일 같이 꿈꿔왔던 이 순간
meil gati (gatchi) kkumkkwowatdon i sun-gan
그댈 만나길 기다려 왔어요
geudael mannagil gidaryo wassoyo

* Say that you always love me
내 맘을 고백할게요
ne mameul gobaekhalgeyo
그대와 함께라면 온 세상에 가득한
geudaewa hamkkeramyon on sesange gadeukhan Continue reading