[LYRIC] Arashi/嵐 – Niji no Kankera/虹のカケラ~no rain, no rainbow~ (Kan/Rom/Eng)

You know, I recently came back to J-pop world and fell for Arashi once again *T^T* right after my brother gave me Bittersweet PV TT^TT so I tried as mcuh as I can to explore them back (like really, they have been ‘Arashi’ since 15 years ago, I don’t know how harder could it be >,<)

Yeah stop the rants okaayy XDD I started joining communities in livejournal and wow it helps me a lot!^^ I watched their tv shows, concerts, and their tv performances too. And this song…..absolutely recommended. I can’t say it’s their best song ever like hahahaha I just listened to their four albums so how can I say that? XD This song gives a lot of positive vibes that makes you happy just with hearing the song~ and plus the lyrics, even though it just sounds like Arashi >w<




いくつものカラー 溶け合えば一つ Oh, oh この世界中で Continue reading

Arashi (嵐) – Bittersweet Lyric [Kan/Rom/Eng]

Hi! I’m back!<3 and since I’ve been hiatus for some time from fandom, I decided to take a look back on Arashi (which is one of my favorite too) and this is one of the song I like the most right now~ the lyric is actually bittersweet to, but it doesn’t hurt to try^^


cover RE


夢の中で君と笑えるなら ありのままを
伝えたくて 分からなくて ただ君だけを見つめてた Continue reading

Arashi – Blue Lyric [Kan/Rom/Eng]


淡いブルーのスカートが 夕暮れの丘にたなびく
ぼんやりと考えてみた 永遠ってこんなもんかなぁ

「恋はいつか終わるよ」と 遠い目で君がつぶやく
聞こえないフリをしてたの 気付いてくてれたかなぁ

時が経っても変わらない想いがここにある Continue reading

Music Station Announces Their Top 50 Idols of All-Time !!!

Whooaa, guys… This is soo surprising for me… for a newbie of J-pop (No, actually… But I’m not very good of J-pop LOL poor me). Music Station is a Japanese music program. They made this list based on their sales total. Well, check it out, guys!! 😀 Continue reading

“25th Japan Gold Disc Award” Winner List

The Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) has announced the winners of “The 25th Japan Gold Disc Award” on January 5th. And guess what, Our TVXQ (A.K.A Tohoshinki) received The Best 5 Albums alsongside with Arashi, Exile, FUNKY MONKEY BABYS, and Nishino Kana. Another awards is The BEst Music Videos with another artists such as Arashi, Rolling Stones, and EXILE ATSUSHI.

Besides that, “25th Japan Gold Disc Award” names Arashi as the “Artist of the Year” and “Album of The Year”.

For the girls, we can see there’s AKB48, Soujo Jidai, and KARA. ^^


Soo, let’s go check it out!! 😀

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