Author’s: (Another) Post of Forgiveness


(I used the penguin pic for my English homework, it’s a description text. You should know that I’m crazy about penguin hahaha :D)

*cough* first of all, I want to say hello. Sort of feel bad for not updating almost for one month. I must said, that I don’t have time to search for news and write the news to my blog within a minute. Continue reading

Author’s: Another Art: Hello, Mr.Baldeous~ ^w^

Actually I want to edit this pic first on ps, but I forgot that I don’t have it *sigh* Even if I have it, I only have the cs3 version. FYI, Adobe willย  release the CS6 this year–maybe June? Idk. I only played with brightness, contrast and balk-white tone on MS Picture Manager (yeah?) Although it didn’t came out so well like the real person*oops, I can’t tell you the person. It’s some that—bald .___.* Well, he’s smart, a bit innocent face *OH…* and he’s the senior who sat with me at the first semester’s exam :3 *you wouldn’t know who he is /pray* Continue reading

Author’s: Another Day At SMANIC: ์•ˆ๋…• Our Leader-ssi, Mrs. @pujipujaay :”D

It was three months, kurang lebih…

Pertama MOS, cewek tinggi dan berbadan ideal ini sempet bikin aku tertarik. Keliatan dari labelnya, SMP Negeri 1 Ciawi *eh..* its Bogor deng ๐Ÿ˜‰
Dia duduk sama Gisca karena mereka dari satu SD…dia duduk di depanku. Pinter. Karena emang udah keliatan dari awal ๐Ÿ˜€ *anyway, gue suka kok orang pinter XDDD* Selain itu, cantik. Kalo aku jadi cowok, seneng banget liat dia terus kkekkekke~
Lagi-lagi, dia juga gaul. Kan biasanya kalo cewek pinter itu nerd, geek etc lah tapi dia enggak. Ck, apa sih yang kurang dari dia? XD Oyeah, kurangnya cuma gigi dia enggak rapi doang kok *upps~ XDD* Tapi tetep aja cantik, toh zaman sekarang behel itu tanda orang g4h03L!! XDD *no SARA* Dia pun dapat penghargaan siswa aktif bareng Gisca, Dewi, sama Nuy ^^ *sorry yang gak kecantum aku lupa lagi (“^,^)v* Continue reading

Author’s: New Days on Senior High~

Annyeonghashimnika, this is Erru-Chan speaking (again) *of course! this is my blog!!! lol*

How is you day these days? Fun? Me think so. For a student like me, being received from a senior high school is truly a good thing. Even if it’s far from my house, and a downtown school, but for me, it’s always’ve been the best thing ^^

Now, I’m doing some…err, what ya? In my country lang, it called MOS. It’s like, umm…an event, wich you have to pass through right with those strict rules…is it like that? xD well, uh, some people said it was for introducing the school, meet new friends etc etc etc~

Aisshh, my English is getting worse and worse since I’ve never blogging for more than a week, and I rarely watch Western movies too these days, since Indonesia didn’t imported Western movies–oh no, it’s outer movies (worse~ T^^T)

But yeah, I’m still working on it. Searching for friends…and oh, you know what? I already met some nemesis T^^T how pity~ but uhh, maybe it’s just what I think. Hope not!!! And uh, for those things that I have to use, such as a recycle hat(and I’m making it a bit witch style kkekkekke~), and umm, a bag that made from sack (urrgghh, I hate this one the most >0<), and some badges which is my favorite *ROFL~* If I don’t do it, I’ll get ‘The Worst Student Ever’ named alongside my nametag =..= Continue reading

Author’s: Please, Forgive Me… T~T


this is Erru-Chan speaking…

*sighs* It’s a though time, knowing the promise I’ve maede with you guys. As you know, I’m doing a test for Senior High–and I failed T^^T

Besides that, my computer was switched with my old-broken CPU, and I don’t know how to work with that thing if it turned off for every a half-hour. Do you know how to work with it? xD

I’m really a fragile right know. All of my hope is broken and I don’t know how to wake up from a nightmare, it’s a cruel thing. Well, at least ‘Always Keep The Faith‘ helps me a lot. It doesn’t mean I abandoned my friends, it’s just that… I have this kind of manner, when I want to talk about personal probs, my mouth shutted up and talks to another story. It su*cks!!! I have a–or two, friends who knows my probs, but not fully knows. And I couldn’t help it…

Sometimes it bothers me too, when I want to post a new article, or searching for articles, I think about them and I stopped right there… I’m really sorry, I’m just another ordinary girl who face some probs of a real life ๐Ÿ™‚

OK, I must go to rest, I’m sick right now, and I don’t have much time to write some articles *bows*

Annyeooong, keep healthy everyone~ ^^

Admin’s: Back to The Deck—Waiting for the Next Step…

Hello, this is Erru-Chan. Owner of this blog–if you don’t know…

Aisshh, I’m totally being a loner here (Of course, I didn’t even try to find another author, kkekkekke~) But it’s okay, still happy when I saw the visitors keep increasing everyday, even when I didn’t update it. Gosh, I thought after I’m doing the national exam+grading exam, I will be definitely update this blog everyday—cause I don’t have anything else to do, except for…waiting the result of the ‘Next Step’. Continue reading

Happy Birthday to You You, Ruth Desy Paramitha!!! :D

Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you

Happy birthday, happy birthday,

Happy Birthday to you!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

You know that song???? It’s just an ordinary song, but you know how much you love it when someone sings it for you ๐Ÿ™‚ You know that how happy are you when you remember that this is your day, and that song came up in the first line… Even sometimes it makes you worry about your life is getting shorter, but this is always been a very special day for reminding you… You know, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Well, I know I’m so late to do this. But, uhh… just appreciate this as my birthday card for you *maksa XD* Maybe I’ll give you the present late *Dunno what to give!!! XO* *note: kalo mau bloeh komen biar aku beliin hahahahahaa~ XD* Continue reading