Male Idol Group Rankings By 30 Entertainment Reporters

This is an old news, to be honest. But it doesn’t matter to me because though this post was posted in 2010, I think nothing changed too much within only 2 years, right? ^^

Public Recognition
#2 Big Bang
#3 2PM
#4 Super Junior
#5 SS501
#6 2AM
#7 SHINee
#8 FT Island
#9 U-Kiss, BEAST Continue reading

Gaon Released Chart For July’s First Week!

The Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of the Oricon in Japan and Billboard in the United States.

Check out the chart rankings for the first week of July below!


Gaon Chart National Digital Singles Ranking

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B2ST/BEAST – On Rainy Days Lyric [Han/Eng/Rom]


sesangi eoduwojigo
joyonghi biga naerimyeon
yeojeonhi geudaero
oneuldo eogimeobsi nan
beoseonajil motane
neoui saenggak aneseo
kkeuchiraneun geol aljiman
miryeoniran geol aljiman
ije anil geol aljiman
geukkajit jajonsime neol japji motaetdeon naega
jogeum aswiul ppuninikka
biga oneun naren nareul chajawa
bameul saewo goerophida
biga geuchyeogamyeon neodo ttaraseo
seoseohi jogeumssik geuchyeogagetji

Who Are The Best MR (Music Removed) Singers?

MR (Music Removed) videos have been an increasingly common way for netizens to gauge how well idols perform during live broadcasts, as a way to see how well they can actually sing.  Recently, Mnet’s “Idol Chart Show” compared the MR clips of the idol singers, and selected the best of the best.

TVXQ was selected as the overall winner, from a field of Korea’s best idol singers. Continue reading

B2ST / BEAST – Beautiful Lyric [Han/Rom/Eng]

You can download the song by clicking here ^^

**Hangul + Romanization**

Beautiful my girl
My beautiful my girl and I
So beautiful my girl
in the cube
Ha ha girl
This is my confession
Drop that beat

Oh listen to my heart내맘들어봐봐
Nae mam deureobwa bwa
Eotteon mallodo neoreul pyohyeonhal su eobtjiman

그냥내 style로내맘들려줄게
Geunyang nae stylero nae mam deullyeojulge
Oh listen listen listen girl

Nothing better than you
Sesangeul da jwodo
You you you you
Neowa bakkujin motae
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