After School Reveals Concept Photos for “Love Love Love”

Along with the full audio and MV teaser for “Love Love Love”, After School has also revealed the concept photos for the album.  In the group photos, the girls showcase their natural beauty with light makeup and simple hairstyles; pale pink minidresses accentuate their fabulous (and leggy) figures.  In the individual photos, they look like princesses with their tiaras!

The album cover shows the girls wearing Christmas party clothes.  “We wanted to show a different side to the girls through this new concept,” said a representative from Pledis.

Bekah is not present in the photos because she is currently visiting Hawaii.



Ahh, I like Kahi the best!! She’s so beautiful and sexy~~ hueheheheheee~~~ 😀

Oh no! UEE got fatter again!!! Maybe it’s beacuse she’s absent too much from her activities, aye?

Source: After School official website

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