Changmin & Jinwoon of 2AM – Can’t I Love You Lyric (사랑하면 안될까) [Han/Eng/Rom]

Yaayaayaaa~!!! This is the most reccomendable song from Dream High OST. 🙂 And Me likes it too~ 🙂 Remembered this song is almost played during Samdong & Hyemi scenes X3 Okay, just read it guys ^^b

Hangul & Romanization

매번 마주칠 때마다
maebeon majuchil ttaemada
니가 웃어줄 때마다
niga useojul ttaemada
조금씩 내 안에 조금씩
jogeumssik nae ane jogeumssik
널 향한 마음이 자라더니
neol hyanghan maeumi jaradeoni
이제는 널 생각하면
ijeneun neol saenggakhamyeon
니 모습을 떠올리면
ni moseubeul tteoollimyeon Continue reading

Sun Ye – Maybe Lyric [Han/Eng/Rom]

Hangul & Romanization/Romanji

차가운 가슴이 어느새 조금씩
chagaun gaseumi oneuse jogeumssik
녹아 내렸나 봐 니가 들어왔어
noga neryotna bwa niga deurowasso
그리고 나도 몰래 내 가슴을 채웠어
geurigo nado molle ne gaseumeul chewosso

언젠부터인가 집에 돌아오면 Continue reading

Dream High Pics [Press Conference, Teaser, ScreenCaps]

Hey, yo! Umm, I should say sorry if there’s too much pics, mostly SamDong‘s pics, kkekkekke~ *bows* Maybe it’s not really complete, cause some of them goes error and I don’t want to re-upload it again *urrgh, lazy me XO* But it’s okay right? I kinda twisted them—no, mix them… Cause it will be really a lame if I make them into different posts, hueheheheee~

Soo, wanna go check them out? It’ll be really interesting I think, cause I won’t miss any part of Dream High 😀 *huhhm, I wish one of TVXQ’s memer acted here, it’ll be more interesting. But it’s okay, there’s still cameo role for our lovely Lee Hyukjae and Park Jungsoo~ 😀 😀 😀 (sorry gut no pics of them T_T)*

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Dream High OST. Tracklist

Okaay, at the first time I really wanna avoid this drama—-but as you can see… I REALLY CAN’T!!! :laugh:

First of all, there’s so many reasons why I don’t want to watch this drama. Some of them are, Suzy’s role. I don’t hate her, it’s just her role. Being a cruel girl, it’s soo annoying! But then, after watching tthe drama—slowly but sure, I’m clicked 🙂 Even tough Suzy’s acting wasn’t very good, but she did made me cry everytime kkekkekke~ Continue reading