Epik High – Rocksteady [Feat Kero One, Dumbfounded, Rakaa, MYK]


[Kero One]
Hit the closets,
Here come the lyrical monsters with weapons from neck up.
Wrecking flows with concepts.
Burbs to projects, they yelling my name.
Kero One, free us from mainstream shackles and chains.
The messiah of indie music,
Be the movement, do it yourself,
Pursue it or else you’ll lose it. Continue reading

Tablo – Airbag (Feat. Na Ul of Brown Eyed Soul) Lyric [Han/Rom/Eng]

Artist :: Tablo (타블로)
Title Album :: 1st Album – Airbag (에어백)
Format :: Single, Studio
Title Track :: Airbag (에어백) ft. Na Ul (나얼)
Genre :: Hip Hop
Release Date :: October 14, 2011
Label | Distribution :: YG Entertainment | KMP Holdings

Hangul & Romanization

I need an airbag
다가오는 거대한 슬픔에 부딪히기 전에
dagaoneun godehan seulpeume budichigi jone

집에 가기 싫은 밤이면 택시 기사 아저씨가 빠른 길만 피해가
jibe gagi sireun bamimyon teksi gisa ajossiga ppareun gilman pihega Continue reading

Welcome Back DJ Tukutz!!! Free From Military Service!! ^^

DJ Tukutz of Epik High finished his military service today on August 9th. In the morning in Incheon he finished his celebration and returned home. During the celebratory event for his return, there were many fans that came to congratulate him.

The other two members of Epik High appeared in a dream concert on June 17th Continue reading

Epik High – 1 Minute 1 Second Lyric (Feat JiSun) [Han/Rom/Eng]


I can’t let go(go go go)
어딜 봐도 네 모습이 보이고(무너지는 내 맘)
숨길 수가 없어 baby 단 1분 1초도
I can’t let go(go go go)
어딜 가도 네 목소리 들리고(부서지는 심장)
숨쉴 수가 없어 baby 단 1분 1초도
(한 순간도 단 1분 1초도) Continue reading

Epik High – Music is My Life Lyric (Feat K.Will) [Han/Rom/Eng]

Ho ho ho~

At last I got this lyric, kkekkekke~ It’s so hard to find Epik High’s lyric, especially not the one that they’ve promoted… T,T Well, thanks to JpopAsia, heaven for me XD

Well, here it is! 🙂


음악은 나의 생활이다

나의 유일한 진실한 사랑

음악 [반복] 때문에 살아있는 음악 (음악) il Continue reading

MelOn releases results for “2010 TOP 100 Album Chart”

On January 7th, music portal site MelOn revealed the results for their “2010 TOP 100 Album Chart“.

The results were ranked according to digital sales, so check them out below!


1. 2AM – “Can’t Send You Away Even If I Die”
2. SNSD – “Oh!”
3. 2NE1 – “To Anyone”
4. DJ DOC – “Taste for the Arts”
5. IU & 2AM’s Seulong – “Nagging” Continue reading