Fruits Basket Quotes – Kyo & Tohru++

Kyo: You know, she always used to leave that window in her room wide open.
Yuki, suspicious: What were you doing in her room?
Kyo: I wasn’t, I saw it from outside!
Kyo: How does she feel right now?
Kyo, walks into the kitchen and sees an array of rice balls: What the hell is this?! You trying to turn this place into a rice ball shop?
Tohru: Oh, good morning. You’re up early aren’t you? Continue reading

Interesting Questions, Facts, and Information of Fruits Basket ^-^



Q: In what volume did Tohru accept Kyo’s “true form”?
A: six. She accepted it because she loves him.

Q: After the second visit to Kyoko’s grave, what is between them when Kyo hugs Tohru?
A: sheet. Tohru was hanging laundry, got upset, and was comforted by Kyo.

Q: When they get back from the summer house and are at school, what word does Kyo start to think of Tohru as, when Uo and another student are teasing her and she is blushing?
A: cu–. They were teasing Tohru saying she must be going on a date, she starts blushing like crazy. Kyo then looks at her and blushes as well. Continue reading

50 Facts of SHINee!!! :D [Indo Lang. ^,^v]

1. Taemin suka diomelin sama Key gara-gara Taemin suka kedip-kedip kalau udah di depan kamera.

2. Key punya 3 item spongebob di kamarnya dan punya 5 tindikan di tubuhnya tapi lupa semua ada dimana aja

3. Taemin sering banget dapat hadiah yang mirip jamur, gara-gara rambutnya yang kaya jamur. Taemin menganggap Minho sang master plus guru PS (PlayStation), soalnya Minho lah yang ngajarin Taemin maen Winning Eleven,, *ntu permainan bola di PS Continue reading

Facts About Shim Changmin

Naahh, setelah factsnya Key sama Taemin, sekarang aku mau kasih facts dari Shim Changmin, magnae TVXQ yang dikatakan sebagai ‘iblisnya’ TVXQ #plaaaakkk!!!! OK, aku dapet ini semua dari I Love Changmin’s Blog. Thanks to her I got this. OK guys, check it out~! 😀


1. Changmin ditraining 2 tahun. Dari umur 14-16. Continue reading