‘Adam Couple’’s Couple Portraits For Their Last Episode of “We Got Married” + Goodbye

The ‘Adam Couple‘ uploaded a few couple portraits of themselves before their last broadcast on MBC’s “We Got Married.”

On January 15th, the couple wrote on their Me2day, “Please watch our last episode as the ‘Adam Couple’ on ‘We Got Married.’ ^^ Thank you so much for giving us so much love.

Through his own Twitter, Jo Kwon wrote, “The ‘Adam Couple’ has been broadcasting for over a year on ‘We Got Married.’  Although it’s disappointing that today is the last episode, the ‘Adam Couple’ will be breaking up in a very ‘Adam’-like way.  Writers, PDs, our loving fans, and Ga-In nuna, who has become my sister, thank you. We’re scared to watch the last episode as well.  It might be as sad as ‘Secret Garden‘.” Continue reading

Ga-In Writes A Letter To Jo Kwon For Their One Year Anniversary

Omoo, it’s already 1 years!!! 😀

So cool… They have been together for one year, making friends and more activities as a married couple… uwwaaa, so sweet..

Nooww, more sweetness from Ga-In


On the November 27th episode of MBC’s “We Got Married,” the popular ‘Adam couple’ went on a fishing trip for their one year anniversary.

While on the boat, the two read aloud the letters they wrote for one another. Ga-In’s stated:

Kwon, it’s been almost a year since we’ve met. I may be your nuna, but I’m thankful for you thinking preciously of me even when I act like I’m younger. I want to express it in words each time, but you know that I’m not good at expressing what I like, right? You’re someone I need by me. Thanks for being by my side, and no matter what we later become, please give me strength by my side.

I still feel nervous, like it’s only been a month since we’ve gotten married. I don’t know what kind of love this is, but I love you.

Jo Kwon smiled brightly and replied, “Thank you. Really,” while Ga-In attempted to hide her embarrassment by shyly stating, “I want to jump in the ocean. Right now.” XDD



This is the best couple ever— as always… ^^

Noona and Dongsaeng…




Source + Photos: Osen via Nate