Dalmatians’s Profile [Info/Photos]


Some people don’t know who is this? Yeah, at first time I didn’t catch them too… They didn’t have an interesting name for me LOL. But guess what?? Their song is catchy and I really like them XD

Dalmatians is a hip-hop boyband from South Korea *of course*, stands for 6 cool boys, and the special is they’re made by the popular hip-hop artist too, MC Mong!!! *scream!!* Yupp, I like him somehow, even I like Epik High more LOL..

Dalmatian’s official debut was on September 3rd 2010 on Mnet Countdown with their single (released September 1st) Round 1.. I like the song and their outfits are cute..hehehe..They consist of six members which areย Inati, Day Day, Dari, Jisu, Young Won, and Drama..Their names also are different and easy to memorise..Ermm, their ages range from being a ’81er (29) to a ’91er (19)..1981?? Kyaa..who is born in 1981??? You must be surprised because he looks young..hhahaa..Check it out their profile below~

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Infinite’s Profile ^^

Infinite *scream*, long time no see a boysband that sounds good to me… After,… umm… U-Kiss, maybe? Yeah, I think so…
After all, their dance are so cool and their songs is soo addictive in my ears ๐Ÿ˜€ They have a cute faces too, especially L, who had been gossipped as ‘The Twins of Kim Bum’ after he played in ‘Run’ MV of Epik High… And he’s cute there anyway *lol*

And, no bashing, but first time I saw Sunggyu, he really made me remember uri 2PM leader, Park Jaebum… Is he has a similiar face??? Tell me please… XD

Okay, so let’s get closer with them by checking this out! ๐Ÿ˜€

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FF : My Worldd~~~~

hehehe, ini untuk perkenalan aja, blom masuk ke ceritanyaaa….

My World


  • Er (*******) >)

First daughter of Lee Family

Youngest child

Member of Dummies+1


  • Siwon (Choi Siwon)

First son of Lee Family

First child

Oldest Child

  • Hankyung (Han Geng)

Second son of Lee Family

Second child

Best Friend of Heechul

  • Tablo (Daniel Armand Lee) and Younha

Parents of Lee Family

  • Onew (Lee Jinki), Jonghyun (Kim Jonghyun), Minho (Choi Minho), Key (Kim Kibum), Taemin (Lee Taemin)

Members of SHINee

  • Donghae (Lee Donghae)

Best friend of Er and Jonghyun

  • Nisa (Annisa Sabrina Na), Ruth/ Mitha (Ruth Paramitha), Santa (Santa Claudya), Er (Erfath Damara)

Member of Dummies+1

  • Heechul (Kim Heechul)

Best friend of Hankyung


  • Winnie (Wini Bolu Brownies) ^_^v

Best friend of Er


  • Yesung (Kim Jongwoon), Sungmin (Lee Sungmin), Eunhyuk (Lee Hyukjae), Donghae (Lee Donghae), Ryeowook (Kim Ryeowook), Kibum (Kim Kibum), Kyuhyun (Cho Kyuhyun), Zhou Mi

Junior Student of 8-8

  • Bonny (Bonny Puspita Tyasti)

Best friend of Er

Best Friend of Bangs (now is a member of Bangs++)

  • G-Dragon (Kwon JiYong), TOP (Choi Seunghyun), Daesung (Kang Daesung), Seungri (Lee Seunghyeon), Taeyang (Dong YoungBae)

Member of Bangs++

  • U-Know (Jung Yunho), Hero (Kim Jaejoong), Xiah (Kim Junsu), Micky (Park Yoochun), Max (Shim Changmin)

Senior Boys of 9-9

  • Taeyeon (Kim Taeyeon), Sooyoung (Choi Sooyoung), Amber, Jessica (Jessica Jung Sooyeon), Seohyun (Seo Juhyeon).

Senior girls 9-9


Team for part 13a :

Team 1: Er, Mitha, Santa, Nisa, Kyuhyun, Jonghyun, Amber, dan Donghae.

Team 2: Winnie, Taeyeon, Junsu, Seunghyun, Yoochun, dan Eunhyuk, Kibum.

Team 3: Bonny, Jiyong, Taemin, Ryeowook, Sungmin, Taeyang, dan Sooyoung.

Team 5: Jessica, Yunho, Jaejoong, Onew, Key, Seohyun, dan Minho.

Team 4: Sisanya yaa, ngegabung ama sisa yang lain!

*Note: Heechul absent*


Erfath (Er) – Donghae

Nisa – Kibum

Ruth (Mitha) -Siwon

Santa – Kyuhyun

Winnie – Seunghyun (T.O.P)

Bonny – Jiyong (G-Dragon)

Taeyeon โ€“ Junsu (Xiah)

Amber โ€“ Jonghyun

Seohyun โ€“ Seungri


2PM โ€“ Only You

Only You (Winter Special)

2PM โ€“ Heartbeat

1st Album- 01:59 PM

AnyBand โ€“ Talk Play Love (TPL)

AnyBand โ€“ Promise U


Big Bang โ€“ Sunset Glow


Big Bang โ€“ Haru Haru (Day By Day)

3rd Album โ€“ Stand Up

DBSK โ€“ Youโ€™re My Miracle

3rd Album โ€“ โ€˜Oโ€™- Jung.Ban.Hub

DBSK โ€“ Crazy Love

4th Album – Mirotic

f(x) โ€“ Chocolate Love

Chocolate Love

f(x) โ€“ You Are My Destiny


G-Dragon โ€“ Heartbreaker

1st Album – Heartbreaker

Howl ft. J โ€“ Perhaps Love

OST. Goong

Lee Donghae Super Junior โ€“ My Everything

1st Asia Concert Tour โ€“ Super Show

SHINee โ€“ Ring Ding Dong

Mini Album – Year of Us

SNSD (Girlsโ€™ Generation) โ€“ Run Devil Run (RDR)

Single – Run Devil Run

SNSD (Girlsโ€™ Generation) โ€“ Oh!

2nd Album โ€“ Oh!

Super Junior โ€“ Lovely Day

1st Single โ€“ U

Super Junior โ€“ Bonamana

Super Junior โ€“ Love Like This (My All Is In You)

Super Junior โ€“ In My Dream

4th Album โ€“ Bonamana

Super Junior โ€“ Sorry, Sorry

Super Junior โ€“ Shining Star

Super Junior โ€“ Angela

3rd Album โ€“ Sorry, Sorry

Taeyeon & Sunny SNSD โ€“ Itโ€™s Love

OST. Heading to The Ground

Yesung Super Junior โ€“ It Has To Be You

OST. Cinderella Sister


NB : Data ini just 4 my story, kecuali nama-nama asli cast star-nya ga brubah tetep nama asli. ^_^

Buat songs ga ada yang diubah, jadi kalo kalian mau bisa dicari di google.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE END~~~


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