[PICS] The Night Watchman’s Journal Pics (+PressCon, Behind The Scene, Poster) from Official Site


Another new collection from MBC Drama! \O/

This time around, I’ve also included the Behind the Scene and Poster folder in the zip file so I won’t be uploading zips instead of making it into one zip file (it’ll be easier for me). And also it’s my first time uploading to Google Drive since some says GD is way more simple than 4shared. Plus, there’s no download rate limit?^^;;

Some previews + download link by clicking the first pic. Enjoy!

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Jung Il Woo Compilation Photos From 49 Days [Behind-The-Scenes, ScreenCaps, Press Conference]

Another crunchies from 49Days! ^^ Today I’ll share some pics from this Dorky-cool looking boy, Song Yi Soo aka Jung Il Woo ๐Ÿ˜€ย  Engg, I met this guy when he had a roll on another Korean drama, My Fair Lady. Never heard of it? Yeah, I think it’s not a very popular drama. But this guy is catching my attention!!! >w< *OK, bad sentence* He’s soo a lovely boy, that’s what makes me fell for him kkekkekke~

In 49 Days, he’s having a role of a death-ripper-alike, called Scheduler *maybe it’s one level lower than a death-ripper*. He’s a human too at first, named Song Yi Soo. His complicated love with Song Yi Kyung made him on a traffic accident. He decided to became a Scheduler, only to meet Yi Kyung and explained everything of their misunderstanding after 5 years. Aww, wanna know what role he playing? OK, check those pics!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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