JYJ’s Overseas Fans Release Statement: KBS Tarnished Korea’s Brand Image

JYJ’s overseas fans have released a joint statement today demanding a clear explanation from KBS and the Jeju local government in regards to the sudden cancellation of the group’s appearance from the special broadcast of “New Seven Wonders Concert.”

In a statement of protest, JYJ’s overseas fan alliance said, “JYJ’s fans in Korea and abroad have been criticizing KBS and the Jeju local government for passing on the responsibility to each other, and have asked for a clear explanation for canceling JYJ’s appearance. But KBS and the Jeju local government have only made nonsensical excuses that were unconvincing, which as a result, greatly disappointed many fans home and abroad.”
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Jaejoong Said That JYJ Will Release An Album Before His Drama Is Over

JYJ’s fans must be extremely happy right now because JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong(25) will be appearing in his first Korean drama.

He will be expanding his playing field by taking on the role of Cha Mu Won, ‘the prince of the financial world’, in SBS TV’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Protect the Boss’. His character is in an antagonistic relationship with his cousin Cha Ji Hun(Jisung) because of a family feud that began with their parents over the running of the conglomerate. Continue reading

JYJ – W Lyric [Kan/Rom/Eng]

You know, kan, W itu lambangnya TVXQ? Yahh, although it’s dedicated for HoMin, though, but they added to Cassiopeia too ^^ Just wanna share it*even if it’s too late kkkk~* Oh, click here for download the song ^^


夜空に浮かんだ 星が文字を描き出すのは

Yozora ni ukanda hoshi ga moji wo egaki dasuno wa

The letters that the stars created in the night sky

偶然じゃないと 今もまだ信じてるよ

Guuzen janaito ima mo mada shinjiteruyo

I still believe that it is not just by chance

同じ闇の中で 同じ距離のままで

Onaji yamino nakade onaji kyorino mamade

In the same darkness, in the same distance


W (doburu) wo egaki tsuzuketeiru

We keep drawing the W

君に見つかるように もっと輝くから

Kimi ni mitsukaru youni motto kagayaku kara

We will shine more and more so that you can find us

keep in mind that I love you.

keep in mind that I love you.

Keep in mind that I love you.

きっ と


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JYJ New NII Photos

Waooooww, just look into the face: ABSOLUTELY MELTERS. … … … Sorry, it should be a fashion promote… LOL *bows* yeah, JYJ oppas are very cute with those styles kkekkekke~ Wanna check them out? 😉


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Sungkyunkwan Scandal OST. Tracklist

Hehe, after finished watching it for more than three times *I lost count LOL*, I tried to find the tracklist *I really am giving up searching those songs without knowing the tracklist!!! >o<* so, umm… As I finally found the tracklist, just wanna shared it kkekkekke~ (even if it’s an ‘old-thing’ already v^,^”)

Here it goes~

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Jaejoong is going to be JYJ’s World Tour Concert’s Director!!


JYJ is gearing up to embark on a large-scale world tour.

They’ll going to continue their world tour and promoting their ‘The Beginning’, by visiting five Asian countries and five North America countries this April. It’s Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, New York, L.A., Washington D.C., San Francisco, and Canada…. INDONESIA!!! Continue reading