Drama ‘HARU’ Photos Revealed!!! (Plus Revealed (some) SOUNDTRACK)

Aku juga engga tau sebenernya ini cerita tell us about what, yang pasti di sini ad Yunho …Jadi dengan wajib/kudu/must/harus i will always catch the news…kkekkekke *exc. video okay? cz my conn. here is sooo laaammeeee*

Ketemu yang bakal ngisi soundtrack, itu ngga jauh-jauh dari rekan selabel pastinya…

*titlenya pendek2 , jadi gampang untuk diinget >,^*

Mungkin emang belum semuanya sih untuk OST.nya, tapi seenggaknya kita udah tau beberapa OST.nyaa, iya nggak??

Akhirnya udah released juga lagunya..tapi kayaknya nggak akan terlalu clear audionya *keliatan banget dari ukuran lagunya yang keciilll… T,T*

Tapi untuk selanjutnya kalian bisa ko’ download sendiri/search di google *dasar author ga membantu*

Tapi…saya juga sudah menyediakan beberapa photos dari allkpop … hehehehehh….


‘HARU’ Drama Will Aired on 24th September 2010!!! :D

Haru’, the drama that Big Bang, U-Know Yunho, Kim Bum and other famous korean stars have participated will be aired on the 24th September 2010

Korea National Tourism Organization is promoting the Visit Korea Year (note: This year) with the interactive drama ‘Haru’ and it will be released on 24th on the official website.(http://www.haru2010.com)

This drama ‘Haru’ gathered many Korea pop stars of the new generation, like Uknow Yunho, Big Bang, Han Chae-young , Kim Bum, Park Sihoo, Lee Da Hae and etc. The theme of the drama is having a special day in Korea which has many beautiful attractions. It is hoped that the film can arouse interest of people coming to Korea from different countries, like Japan and China.

The drama is directed by Bakmyeongcheon, the one who directed the drama ‘Coffee Prince The 1st shop’ and Yijeongah who made music for ‘Boys Over Flowers’ would be responsible for producing music for this drama. The crew has been to the coast of Busan, Chonnam, Gyeonggi, Yangpyeong, Haerang train, and has also shot in places like Han River.

Moreover, while the audience is watching the interactive drama, they can get the information of the things that interest them most through IPTVW. For the people who watch it from the website, information about the house, food and shopping spots which are introduced in the drama can be viewed simultaneously on the site too.

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Additional info:

September 24th, 2010 – Big Bang, U-Know Yunho, Kim Bum, Lee Da-Hae, Han Chae-Young and Park SiHoo. They are coming!

As part of the Visit Korea Years 2010 – 2012 celebrations, Korea Tourism Organization has produced an online interactive drama starring top Hallyu stars. The drama will be launched in the South-East Asia (including Singapore & Japan), Japan and China markets and drama will be available in English, Mandarin and Japanese sub-titles.

Hallyu fans will be most pleased to see Big Bang, U-Know Yunho, Kim Bum, Lee Da-Hae, Han Chae-Young and Park SiHoo. Acting in the online drama using the very latest technology. These stars will be presenting the best of Korea under various themes like Beauty, Food and Nature.

In the drama, U-know Yunho plays an actor, Lee Da-Hae plays a writer, Kim Bum plays a photographer. Han Chae-Young and Park Sihoo plays the leading roles and the 5 of them meet during travelling around Korea. Big Bang plays a group travelling to a small school in the countryside to keep a promise with a fan.

After watching the drama “HARU”, you can select your favourite spot in Korea and obtain a detailed guide book on Korea. This online marketing campaign will be launched on 24 September and runs till end November 2010.

Cr: BigBangVIP