Kim Hyun Joong – Marry Me/Marry You Lyric [Han/Rom/Eng]

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Chinese Translation: 敏敏@百度金贤重吧

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Marry Me

Lyrics: Kim HyunJoong김현중, Kim ChangRak김창락

Composer: Steven Lee, Yannis Constantinou, Kim Bergseth

괜히 웃음이나
gwaen-hi u-seu-mi-na
괜히 행복해져
gwaen-hi haeng-bok-kae-jyeo
포근해 이 모든게 향기로워
po-geun-hae i mo-deun-ge hyang-gi-ro-wo Continue reading

Dream High Pics [Press Conference, Teaser, ScreenCaps]

Hey, yo! Umm, I should say sorry if there’s too much pics, mostly SamDong‘s pics, kkekkekke~ *bows* Maybe it’s not really complete, cause some of them goes error and I don’t want to re-upload it again *urrgh, lazy me XO* But it’s okay right? I kinda twisted them—no, mix them… Cause it will be really a lame if I make them into different posts, hueheheheee~

Soo, wanna go check them out? It’ll be really interesting I think, cause I won’t miss any part of Dream High 😀 *huhhm, I wish one of TVXQ’s memer acted here, it’ll be more interesting. But it’s okay, there’s still cameo role for our lovely Lee Hyukjae and Park Jungsoo~ 😀 😀 😀 (sorry gut no pics of them T_T)*

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