Super Junior’s SUngmin Almost Debuted With Kim Junsu

It may be difficult for fans to imagine Super Junior without member Sungmin, but the idol group member revealed he was originally set to debut in a group with well-known best friends, Eunhyuk and JYJ member Kim Junsu.

Sungmin appeared on the May 17 broadcast of tvN talk show Taxi, alongside Girls′ Generation′s Jessica and f(x)′s Continue reading

Xiah Junsu’s Funny Rumor

A long time ago, Junsu and Junho(Junsu’s brother) had done something wrong, and was punished by their mother with a long stick.
Whenever they did something wrong, they would get hit 5 times each, but Junho would always get hit first.
Once it got to Junsu’s turn,..

Junho: Mother, I’ll get punished for Junsu instead. If Junsu gets hit, he’ll get hurt.
Junsu’s mother was so proud of Junho that she began yelling at Junsu.
Junsu’s mother: What are you gonna do about it Junsu? Are you going to let your brother get hit for you??!

The MNET Super 100 Idols (Year 2009)

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I just got this and wanna share to you guys! Heheheheehh *bcz I see Xiah-sunvae is on the 3rd rank gyahahaha XDDD*

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MNET Super 100 Idols:

1 – Big bang, Kwon Jiyong
2 – Wonder Girls, Sohee
3 – DBSK, Xiah junsu
4 – Big Bang, TOP
5 – DBSK, U-Know Yunho
6 – SS501, Kim Hyunjoong
7 – Fin.K.L, Lee Hyori
8 – SNSD, Taeyeon
9 – H.O.T, Jang Woohyuk
10 – DBSK, Micky Yoochun
11 – Big Bang, Daesung
12 – SES, Yoojin
13 – Shinhwa, Eric
14 – Wonder Girls, Sunye
15 – Big Bang, Taeyang
16 – DBSK, Hero Jaejoong
17 – 2PM, Nichkhun
18 – Fin.K.L, Sung Yuri
19 – Shinee, Taemin
20 – Super Junior, Eunhyuk
21 – 2AM, Jo Kwon
22 – SNSD, Yoona
23 – G.O.D, Yoon Gyesang
24 – FT Island, Lee Hongki
25 – Sechs Kies, Eun Jiwon
26 – DBSK, Changmin
27 – H.O.T., KangTa
28 – Wonder Girls, Sunmi
29 – SHINee Minho
30 – KARA, Han Seung Yeon
31 – Bigbang, Seungri
32 – Super Junior, Heechul
33 – H.O.T., Tony An
34 – Shinhwa, Andy
35 – Se7en
36 – 2PM, Chansung
37 – Super Junior, Shindong
38 – SS501, Kim Kyujong
39 – Wonder Girls, Yoobin
40 – SNSD, Tiffany
41 – SHINee, Onew
42 – Super Junior KangIn
43 – Wonder Girls, Yeeun
44 – F.T.Island, Choi Jong Hun
45 – Sugar, Ayumi
46 – Shinhwa, Kim Dongwan
47 – Buzz, Min Kyunghoon
48 – CSJH, Stephanie
49 – Super Junior Siwon
50 – Sechs Kies, Go Ji-Yong
51 – Jung Jihoon (Rain)
52 – S.E.S, Bada
53 – 2PM, TaecYeon
54 – KARA, Goo HaRa
55 – Super Junior Sungmin
56 – SS501, Kim Hyung Joon
57 – 1TYM, Danny
58 – Super Junior Eeteuk
59 – SHINee, Jonghyun
60 – G.O.D, Son HoYoung
61 – SNSD, Seohyun
62 – Shinhwa, Junjin
63 – H.O.T., Moon Heejun
64 – Shinhwa, Shin Hyesung
65 – Click B, Oh, JongHyeok
66 – SNSD, Yuri
67 – Super Junior, Hangyeong
68 – Sechs Kies, Jang Suwon
69 – CSJH, Dana
70 – Super Junior, Kibeom
71 – FIN.K.L, Leejin
72 – Taesaja, Park Junsook
73 – NRG, Moon Seonghun
74 – Baby Vox, Kan Miyeon
75 – Click B, Kim Sanghyuk
76 – SS501, Heo Young Saeng
77 – FIN.K.L, Ok Juhyeon
78 – G.O.D, Denian
79 – Ttma, Soy
80 – 2PM Jaebeom
81 – SHINee, KEY
82 – Sugar, Park Sujin
83 – NRG, No Yumin
84 – 1TYM, Oh Jinhwan
85 – SNSD, Jessica
86 – Shinhwa, Lee Min Woo
87 – F.T.Island, Choi Minhwan
88 – Click B, Yoo Hosook
89 – Super Junior, Donghae
90 – Baby Vox, Shim EunJin
91 – Buzz, Son SungHee
92 – Supernova ,Geonil
93 – Taesaja, Kim hyungjun
94 – SNSD, Sooyoung
95 – Choi Changmin
96 – Milk, Seo Hyunjin
97 – Battle, Hwichan
98 – The TRAX, Jay Kim
99 -Sechs Kies, Kang Aunghoon
100 – Baby Vox Yoon Eunhye

Heyy, a little argue

Arrgghh, maan,  I don’t understand why our Super Junior oppas even didnt catch the 10th grade .. except our anchovy Lee Hyukjae in the 20th grade??? T_______T

And Sohee on the 2nd grade??? Oh noo…

These guys must be their big fans … zzz~~

But well, this is just another voting from MNET last year… (You know, when SM have problem with MNET?? Yeahh, maybe you know what i mean, huhh…)


Soo, congrats to our G-Dargon oppa  all the way ^^

Credits: source: Spectacle! Forum, credit: etbbong + daum + mnet, translated by: sunmijjang

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Sejak awal, aku emang udah penasaran…siapa yang berpose dengan bias-ku, Lee Hyukjae? *waktu belum kenal dbsk* *saya payah* Setelah mendengar lagu Step by Step *awal2 saya tau tohoshinki*, mulai nguprek nguprek tentang mereka…dan ketemu satu wajah yang cool, keren, ganteng, cakep, handsome, pinter *ktawan darimana muka pinter???*…XIAH JUNSU…

Lalu, mulai nyari-nyari tentang mereka berdua, dan ketemulah ini postingan…


Persahabatan kaya gini susah banget dicarinya…

Ketemu, pisah, ketemu, pisah…

Tapi tetep aja ga putus-putus…*gatau sih sekarang, udah ga ada yang ngabarin lagi..*

This is IIIttttt~~~~~~

Xiah and Lee Hyukjae first met when they were in grade 5. They both shared a love of soccer and music and that’s what drew them to each other. At school, they were seen as the “guys” of the school and were constantly together. They “ostracized” the rest of the school as they preferred to hang out with each other.

As they grew up, they went to the same middle and high school. Although not always in the same class, their friendship remained strong. When Xiah made it into SM and Hyukjae did not, their friendship was not affected. Hyukjae was happy for his friend, even though he was left out. However, a year later, Hyukjae also made it into SM through the same Starlight Casting System that found Xiah.

In 2005, the group Super Junior debuted. Hyukjae debuted in this 13 member boy group as Eunhyuk. He had to create this stage name because another celebrity shares his real name. During the time of their first debut performance, Xiah was busy with TVXQ activities. However, he didn’t want to miss it, so he called his mother and asked her to put the phone next to the tv so he could hear.

Although close friends, Eunhyuk and Xiah love to bicker. Everyone knows this. During a Sukira radio broadcast in 2006 when TVXQ were guests (right after O’s release), everyone expected the results. Max even stated he was worried about what would happen. Sure enough, Eunhyuk and Xiah started bickering on air and throwing insults at each other.

When Super Junior’s car crash in May 2007 happened in China and Eunhyuk, Eeteuk, Shindong and Kyuhyun were the victims, Xiah was in Japan. He first heard the news indirectly and couldn’t rest until he found out more. As soon as Eunhyuk could, he called Xiah from the hospital.

During Super Junior’s SBS Exploration of the Human Body variety show, episodes 9 and 10, TVXQ were guests. Eunhyuk and Xiah could be seen always together and hanged out off camera. It’s been a while since TVXQ were back in Korea and the two friends missed each other.

sr: wikipedia