50 Facts of SHINee!!! :D [Indo Lang. ^,^v]

1. Taemin suka diomelin sama Key gara-gara Taemin suka kedip-kedip kalau udah di depan kamera.

2. Key punya 3 item spongebob di kamarnya dan punya 5 tindikan di tubuhnya tapi lupa semua ada dimana aja

3. Taemin sering banget dapat hadiah yang mirip jamur, gara-gara rambutnya yang kaya jamur. Taemin menganggap Minho sang master plus guru PS (PlayStation), soalnya Minho lah yang ngajarin Taemin maen Winning Eleven,, *ntu permainan bola di PS Continue reading


Super Junior’s Sungmin, Leeteuk, Heechul, and SHINee Dancing HoMin’s Keep Your Head Down!!!

It’s a KYHD ADDICTED *lol*

Yeah, well, I’m going to give our SM’s boys vids for prooving the KYHD ADDICTED!!! XD


Enjoy~ 🙂


-This is the latest one, it’s Sungmin and Leeteuk on Sukira 🙂


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The Fight Between SMent and JYJ – SMent Artists Defend on TVXQ and Support TVXQ

That photos, is just another of SM artists for supporting on our TVXQ – HoMin at KBS Music Bank yesterday.

I don’t know why this problem became the spotlight on Hallyu News right now. I thought this is just another porblem of the Slave Contract by SM Entertainment. But I don’t know why all of SM artists join this thing, by supporting TVXQ and defending them? Maybe they did this because the CEO of SMent told them to? Can’t think how much money for paying them to did all of this…

But it’s just my opinion anyway… Continue reading

SHINee’s Minho Will Having His First Acting Debut In ‘Pianist’

SHINee’s Minho will be adding ‘actor’ to his resume, as it’s just been confirmed that he’ll be starring in a special KBS drama series.

Minho was recently cast as the male lead for KBS’s drama special ‘Pianist‘. Minho expressed, “Since this is my first time acting, I’m quite nervous, but I feel good all the same because it’ll be a new experience for me. I will try my best to show the same awesome image that I put on stage. Thank you.”

The character Minho will be playing is a 20-year old who was born with genius music abilities, but unfortunately suffered misfortune as he was growing up. However, while helping his dad at the piano manufacturing factory, he eventually opens up his locked talents to play the piano.

‘Pianist’ is the brainchild of PD Moon Jun Ha and scriptwriter Park Eun Jung. The drama also stars actress Han Ji Hye, and will begin filming on November 9th.

The single episode will be aired on the 20th.







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SHINee Sauce Photos by Fans *LOL*

Setelah sukses dalam penampilan single Hello mereka di KBS Music Bank semalam, SHINee mengucapkan terimakasih pada para fans di website mereka. SHINee memang telah berusaha keras untuk menampilkan yang terbaik dan kerja keras mereka itu terbayar.

Kelima member SHINee pun menyampaikan rasa terimakasih mereka dengan cara yang unik. Mereka mengupload gambar-gambar lucu ini di website mereka. Inilah ucapan dan gambar-gambar lucu persembahan SHINee untuk para fans:

‘Kami berterimakasih pada para fans yang sudah datang memberi dukungan sebelum syuting acara KBS Music Bank. Bergabunglah kembali dengan kami di hari Minggu…’

Beruntungnya para fans yang bisa melihat proses gladiresik SHINee. Mereka bisa melihat bagaimana seriusnya kelima idola ini berlatih dan mungkin melihat tingkah laku mereka di saat break.

Seorang penggemar yang datang ke studio tempat syuting acara itu menceritakan bagaimana Key mulai memberikan julukan kepada para member lainnya dengan nama-nama saus. Key menjuluki dirinya sebagai saus cabai lalu dia menamai Taemin si mayonaise. Sedangkan Minho dinamai saus kacang hitam dan Onew menjadi si kecap.

Key sempat bingung sebentar ketika melihat Jonghyun. Hmm, enaknya apa ya julukan buat dia? Mungkin begitu pikiran Key, sampai akhirnya uri leader Onew berbisik-bisik di telinganya. Key lalu berkata: “Mold!!(*jamur roti) Nah, kita sekarang member Sauce (saus)!”

Anyway, ini dia gambar-gambar hasil buatan fans mereka yang diupload di website SHINee.

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Source text by: aetria@kpoplive.com
Re-written by: dearmarintan for KoreanIndo

SHINee’s COmeback With HELLO on MuBank 1 Oct 2010 !!!

SHINee with HelloThe boys seem to have gotten all the rest they needed, because SHINee is back and ready for more stage action on today’s Music Bank!

After teasing the fans with concept shots, and audio and MV teasers, they’re finally making a return to the scene! The group is rocking a new style, one that is simpler than those they’ve rocked in the past.

Though they’ve only been away for a little while, it seems that they’ve been missed terribly by their fans. Just listen to the sound of that crowd!

to download the song please click here

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