Rooftop Prince Compilation Pics Part 1 :D

It’s not complete yet, but I hope I’ll finish it for the part 2. I really love YoochunJimin pairing, especially when they already love each other (>w<) so maybe I’ll upload their pics more than the others kkekkekke~
Oyea, I also love Lee Minho here. He just looks so—similiar to Tablo of Epik High, my favorite rapper. He also acted as the smarty-pants guy, reminds me of Tablo’s high IQ 😀

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Koike Teppei Compilation Pics :D

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The King 2 Hearts Official Poster Is Out!! + More Pics

Aww I love the poster!!!! >///////< I just finished watching ‘The Moon That Embraces The Sun‘ and now I have to waited this drama to ends. Ah, can’t wait :3 Anyway, this story is about a crown prince who fall with a North Korean’s agent–or whut? Ah, IDK laaa pokoknya it’s something like that kkekkkekke~ FYI, the first eps aired with the first rank for nation’s rating 😀

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Me Too, Flower! Pics [ScreenCaps, Press Conference, Behind The Scene, etc]

Another awesome k-drama I’ve been waiting to~ ^___^ starring Yoon Shi Yoon, Lee Ji Ah, Seo Hyo Rim, etc with romantic-comedy and stylish drama!!

Well, let’s say this post as my payment for my promise 😉 I hope you guys enjoy the pics!!!


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