JYJ ++ – Hanryu T.O.P Photos!!

credit: syanimu1215
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FujiFilm Instax: JoongKi Photo card

Hehehe~ Now I’m often post photos of him, after he made me melts like a hot chocolate on Sungkyungkwan Scandal, he played the Yeorim aka Goo Yong Ha pretty well. Well, even I can’t forget him… *spin* “Nan, Nan Goo Yong Ha imnida.” *with a little bit twisting tongue lol*

Yeah, now I’m tryin to find him.. Not too hard, SidusHQ has a web for its artists ^^

Okay, umm… I choose this post because he looks sooo deffinitely super duper cute X3 And I really like it… ho ho ho~

Okay, chack these out guys! ๐Ÿ˜€

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Yeorim – Goo Yongha (Song Joongki) Pics From SungKyunKwan Scandal ++

Yeaaahh, I’m just finished watching Sungkyunwan and Scandal … The Greatest Drama of a girl transform into a boy, after Boys Before Flowers (2008), and Coffee Prince (2006)

I found a man, who wasn’t too familiar for me, who’s not maniac of K-Drama, and fall in love with him…

Omo, yes, the cute-human-being, and a little weirdo called Goo Yongha, or should I say, the real name, Song Joong Ki??? Seems familiar now??? Yeah, I am.

I tought he was younger than Yoochun (24), but the truth is Joongki was born in 1985!! >,<

I should say he’s lucky having a cute face like that… Obviously ~WHOW~

He plays some drama like, Triple, OB=GYN and others like that. But the nest one? Sungkyunwan is. ๐Ÿ˜€

Nooww, I have to watch it for a long time, because I’ve to capture every Yongha’s move (cz I’m kinda crazy about him LOL)

Here’s some pics from me, and the others is from Google ^^

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