Male Idol Group Rankings By 30 Entertainment Reporters

This is an old news, to be honest. But it doesn’t matter to me because though this post was posted in 2010, I think nothing changed too much within only 2 years, right? ^^

Public Recognition
#2 Big Bang
#3 2PM
#4 Super Junior
#5 SS501
#6 2AM
#7 SHINee
#8 FT Island
#9 U-Kiss, BEAST Continue reading

Poster For SM Movie “I AM” Revealed, Stars Offstage Appearances “Builds Anticipation!”

The poster and teaser of the movie “I AM”, featuring SM Entertainment artists, has been revealed.

“I AM” documents the making of history, as SM Entertainment artists including Kangta, BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee and f(x) Continue reading

Mr.Simple – Super Junior Album Info + Tracklist + Cover Photos

Album Title
:: 5th Album : Mr. Simple (미스터 심플)
Recorded :: June — July 2011 at SM Studios, Seoul, South Korea
Released :: August 3, 2011.
Genre :: Pop, synthpop, electropop, R&B, dance, pop rock, country pop, electronica.
Length :: 47:44.
Label :: SM Entertainment.
Producer :: Lee Soo-Man. Continue reading

Super Junior – Mr.Simple Lyric [Han/Rom/Eng]



Because You Naughty, Naughty Hey! Mr. Simple
Because You Naughty, Naughty 슈주 간다!
세상이 내 맘대로 안 된다고 화만 내면 안 돼 그럴 필요 없지
걱정도 팔자다 작은 일에 너무 연연하지 말자 몸에 좋지 않아
성적이 좋았다가 나빴다가 그런 거지 뭐 흥! 실적이 올랐다가 떨어졌다 그런 때도 있지
어쩌면 괜찮아 쉬어 가는 것도 좋아 모든 것이 때, 때, 때, 때, 때가 있는 거니까
그대가 남자라면 친굴 만나 술 한 잔에 털어버리고 (Alright!) Alright
그대가 여자라면 친굴 만나 수다 떨어 날려버리고 (Alright!) Alright, Alright
*봐라 Mr. Simple, Simple 그대는 그대는 그대로 멋져
봐라 Miss Simple, Simple 그대는 그대로 예뻐 (S J Call!)
봐라 Mr. Simple, Simple 그대는 그대는 그대로 멋져
봐라 Miss Simple, Simple 그대는 그대로 예뻐 (S J Call!)
**가자 가자 어서 가자 막혔을 땐 돌아가자 골치 아파 죽겠다면 오늘 하루만 놀고 보자
안 그래도 거친 세상 죽어라 뛰면 나만 지쳐 기다려봐 아껴둬 봐 너의 날이 곧 올 테니까
Blow Your Mind 가라 Mr. Simple
Blow Your Mind 때가 왔잖아 두려워 말고
Blow Your Mind 가자 Mr. Simple
Blow Your Mind 때가 왔잖아 준비 됐잖아 Continue reading

Super Junior’s Photo Teasers for 5th Album Completed!!!

*Sreaamm* Started from July 20th to 27th July, SM really made us crazy and froze with Super Junior‘s photo teasers one by one!!! ><

From the next day, with Donghae and Eunhyuk’s, until the last, wrapped up by Siwon and Mr.Heechul 😀

OK, without any further, I want all of you to see every photo teasers for them~^^



Continue reading

Who Are The Best MR (Music Removed) Singers?

MR (Music Removed) videos have been an increasingly common way for netizens to gauge how well idols perform during live broadcasts, as a way to see how well they can actually sing.  Recently, Mnet’s “Idol Chart Show” compared the MR clips of the idol singers, and selected the best of the best.

TVXQ was selected as the overall winner, from a field of Korea’s best idol singers. Continue reading

Five idol taboos broken by the ‘Big Space Star’ Kim Heechul

Within five years of his debut, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul has not only skyrocketed to fame, but he’s also become a formidable star in the celebrity stratosphere.

Heechul first debuted as a member of Super Junior back in 2005, and caught everyone’s attention with his pretty boy looks.  Producers from the acting industry were quick to cast this handsome rookie, which eventually landed him a role in KBS’s “Banolim.” From the start of his career, Heechul doubled his potential by walking on dual paths as an actor and a singer.

But it’s not only his career choices alone that made his star rise. Continue reading

MelOn releases results for “2010 TOP 100 Album Chart”

On January 7th, music portal site MelOn revealed the results for their “2010 TOP 100 Album Chart“.

The results were ranked according to digital sales, so check them out below!


1. 2AM – “Can’t Send You Away Even If I Die”
2. SNSD – “Oh!”
3. 2NE1 – “To Anyone”
4. DJ DOC – “Taste for the Arts”
5. IU & 2AM’s Seulong – “Nagging” Continue reading