Admin’s: Back to The Deck—Waiting for the Next Step…

Hello, this is Erru-Chan. Owner of this blog–if you don’t know…

Aisshh, I’m totally being a loner here (Of course, I didn’t even try to find another author, kkekkekke~) But it’s okay, still happy when I saw the visitors keep increasing everyday, even when I didn’t update it. Gosh, I thought after I’m doing the national exam+grading exam, I will be definitely update this blog everyday—cause I don’t have anything else to do, except for…waiting the result of the ‘Next Step’. Continue reading

Happy Birthday to You You, Ruth Desy Paramitha!!! :D

Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you

Happy birthday, happy birthday,

Happy Birthday to you!!!! 😀

You know that song???? It’s just an ordinary song, but you know how much you love it when someone sings it for you 🙂 You know that how happy are you when you remember that this is your day, and that song came up in the first line… Even sometimes it makes you worry about your life is getting shorter, but this is always been a very special day for reminding you… You know, right? 😉

Well, I know I’m so late to do this. But, uhh… just appreciate this as my birthday card for you *maksa XD* Maybe I’ll give you the present late *Dunno what to give!!! XO* *note: kalo mau bloeh komen biar aku beliin hahahahahaa~ XD* Continue reading