I Miss You Pics from Official Site – Complete :D

548px-I_Miss_You_correlation_chartI’ve been taking hiatus from writing posts, and now I’m back with I Miss You! ^o^ Though I’m not finished yet watching the drama, I’m collecting the pics from I Miss You Official Site since that’s one of my job here (and my friends demand me to do so lol)

The drama is about Han Jung Woo (Park Yoochun) has been a homicide detective for 2 years and he is looking for his childhood love, Lee Se Yeon (Yoon Eun Hye). Lee So Yeon is a fashion designer and often dream of Han Jung Woo searching for her.

Meanwhile, Kang Hyung Joon (Yoo Seung Ho) is a cold-hearted, charismatic fund manager, who tries to take revenge on Han Jung Woo because of the troubled relationship within their family. —Koreandrama.org

Please enjoy the pics (and don’t forget to use the credit if you want to take out the pics!!!)

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JYJ’s Yoochun Gets A Road Named After Him, Thanks to His Fans

In honor of JYJ‘s Park Yoochun, a road will be named ‘Park Yoochun Cherry Blossom Road‘.

The ‘Park Yoochun Cherry Blossom Road‘ will be a small section of a larger road scheduled to be built in the city of Incheon, near the waterway on its west side. Continue reading

Rooftop Prince Compilation Pics Part 1 :D

It’s not complete yet, but I hope I’ll finish it for the part 2. I really love YoochunJimin pairing, especially when they already love each other (>w<) so maybe I’ll upload their pics more than the others kkekkekke~
Oyea, I also love Lee Minho here. He just looks so—similiar to Tablo of Epik High, my favorite rapper. He also acted as the smarty-pants guy, reminds me of Tablo’s high IQ 😀

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The Reality of Prince Lee Gak’s Model in Rooftop Prince

The various evidences emerged that show that the actual model for the character of Lee Gak in SBS drama series “Rooftop Prince” is the 20th king of Joseon Dynasty, Gyeongjong, has attracted attention.

According to historical records, Gyeongjong who was born by Sukjong and Jang Hui Bin was named Lee Yun. He was born in 1688, and ascended the throne on 1720. During his reign, the political struggle between Noron and the Soron factions reached the climax. Continue reading

Park Minyoung Being Asked With The Similiarities Betweet Yoochun and Jaejoong

Park Minyoung has revealed the similarities between JYJ members Park Yoochun and Kim Jaejoong.

Park Minyoung attended the MBC new drama “Time Slip Dr. Jin” press conference in the Lotte Hotel in Sogongdong, Seoul with Jaejoong, and had previously worked with JYJ member Yoochun in the KBS2TV drama Continue reading

Who To Watch? Lee Seung Gi Vs. Park Yoochun?

Who to Watch? Lee Seung Gi vs Park Yoochun

Female fans rejoice! “Prince Yoochun” and “Prince Seung Gi” will be gracing the small screens in the coming month of March. Park Yoochun is the male lead for “Rooftop Prince” and Lee Seung Gi is the male lead for “The King.” Both male leads will be playing the same “prince” character. It will be an interesting battle of viewership ratings between the two dramas. Continue reading

Young Millionaire : Park Yoochun, Asia’s Most Popular Artist, Best-Selling In Korea & Japan

(T/N: We typically do not change the flow and/or paragraphing of the articles and present it to you as is, but in the case of this article, it has been rearranged and paragraphs combined so as it make it easier to read and understand. Please note that we did not change any of the factual claims made by the reporter. If you wish to read the original translation (done by one of our awesome friends ‘madokara’- none of us actually know Malay) as is, we will provide her original translation here for download.)

Park Yoochun’s income is RM31 million(US$10 million)

He’s only 25 years old but his achievements probably invites jealousy from those who are also chasing the dream of being an artist. Continue reading

Ottogi Gismen’s CF becomes a hot topic. “Park Yuchun’s popularity is enormous!”

Ottogi’s new product ‘Ottogi Gismen” is seeing great advertising results due to the recently-aired CF and Gismen’s model Park Yuchun’s fans.

This is due to fans who received the news of [Yuchun] shooting the CF started producing and sharing various and interesting self-made contents such as cartoons or parody videos of Park Yuchun’s Gismen CF via Social Network Sites (SNS). Continue reading