Park Yoochun’s Interview [Part II]

Compared to anyone else, Park YooChun (25) has unlocked the door to 2011 most spiritedly. We met him on the 13th and his face looked extremely bright. Through “SungKyunKwan Scandal”, the drama in which he made his acting debut, Park Yoochun won a total of 3 awards (Best Newcomer Award, Best Couple Award, Netizen Award) at the 2010 KBS Drama Awards. The Music Essay album by JYJ, a group in which he is a member of, has caused a sensation in bookstores, and he is going through a busy period.

-Congratulations for receiving 3 awards. In particular, the competition for the Newcomer Award was really tough, the fact that you received this award independently has become a topic for discussion.

YC: I was really surprised. I thought that after my name was announced, they would be announcing someone else’s name too. As I did not have the confidence that I would 100% receive this award on my own, I felt burdened. It was different from when I received awards as a singer, and with so many seniors sitting in front of me, I was even more embarrassed and dazed.

-You chose a historical drama as your debut. What is surprising is that you easily passed the debate of your acting ability, a passage that needed to be overcome.

YC: I did not intentionally choose a historical drama; rather, I decided to do it because it was a good production. I just started it with the thought of only listening to encouraging things. I heard that it is rare for an actor who is actually a singer to debut with a historical drama. The production company also felt uneasy and thought that maybe I shouldn’t play the lead role Lee Seon Jun, and suggested looking for other roles for me. But the next day, I sent them a very long message, saying that I would really like to play this role.

-What did you like about Lee Seon Jun?

YC: I really like his character of possessing a tranquil pain on the inside. This is what I felt during filming. He has many parts which are similar to me in real life. Sitting quietly in a room to think or suppressing the pain in his heart. These areas are similar to me. Seon Jun is someone who firmly states what he feels, while I am someone who will hold it in for a long time and then let it all out at once in an outburst.

-I know that the dispute with SM Entertainment over the exclusive contract must have troubled you greatly. At the end of last year, you appeared on your first TV broadcast as JYJ. What are your feelings with regards to standing on the stage as JYJ, and not as the 5-membered DBSK?

YC: If I were to suddenly be put in this situation and made to stand on the stage like that, the impact should have been great. But as I have already thought of and decided on this for a long time, the impact was not as great as it should have been. Singing on the stage as 3 members is not a situation which you can describe using the feelings of “sadness and happiness”. I just felt a great sense of regret.

-The two members of DBSK have started activities again as a duo and recently revealed that they hope that you can resolve your dispute with the company and return to them. What is the possibility of reunification?

YC: When I was young, H.O.T. disbanded. After that, with regards to the question of reunification, the members said that although they really wanted to reunify, due to the relation with the company, it would be difficult. This is exactly how I feel. Compared to anyone else, I really want a reunification, but it is difficult and is a problem which will need a long time to resolve. I think it is important that both sides start to build a bridge which will make reunification a possibility.

-There is a heated debate going around on the internet regarding DBSK and JYJ.

YC: That is why I cut myself off from the internet and spent a period of time at a villa in Gyeonggi Chungpyung. I mostly receive news about it from Junsu and JaeJoong. Some time ago, I heard the song “Why” at a ski resort. The more I hear about that issue, the more I feel that I should work harder to accept it. I am unable to contact them by phone, but I think firstly, we should all gather together to have a drink.

-The atmosphere has gotten really heavy. Let’s try changing the topic. Did you originally have the desire to act?

YC: Since the past, I had wanted to do it, but I didn’t have the time. While passing through those times where I had nothing to do, my interest in acting manifested. I received a complete acting guide from Kim Ha Kyun, who appeared as the master of the school in “SungKyunKwan Scandal”. Kim Gap Su would at first seriously ask me “Have you looked at the script” and then teach me how to breath, use my eyes, and react. However, I am still embarrassed about the first four episodes, so I don’t think I can watch them properly. (Laughs)

-Do you have thoughts of taking part if Season 2 of SungKyunKwan Scandal were to be created?

YC: Of course. It would be great if all four of us were to act in it. If the roles had to be changed, I would want to play the part Seol Go Bong. He acted really tastefully and I was envious. I even tried imitating him in the bathroom.

-The poem “Thank You Park YooChun” which was written by a female poet has become a topic for discussion.

YC: I think she wrote it with the thought of writing to a son. I am really thankful. Though I am lacking in many ways, I feel honored that I am able to move their hearts a little. Actually, I have never thought of myself as someone who is handsome. After taking a shower and looking at the mirror, I thought to myself, “Ah. This really doesn’t look good.” I have even seriously considered having plastic surgery before. But I do need to thank my father for my long eyelashes. (Laughs)

-You seem to be brighter and livelier now compared to when you were carrying out activities as DBSK.

YC: Nowadays, I am leading an enjoyable life. Back then, I didn’t have the freedom to decide on issues about time and money. Working felt like an obligation. Now, with regards to work, I think it is something I am doing with vitality and desires of my own. Compared to anything else, as my parents are not working, I am happy that my mom does not have to worry about living expenses.

-What are your plans for the future?

YC: For the first half of the year, we are planning our promotions in America and also the world tour. For the second half of the year, I would like to act in a good drama. I would like to challenge myself to play the role of strong characters like a murderer or psychopath who looks kind. I was very nervous about the pressure during SungKyunKwan Scandal, but now, I think that I can even do well in Romantic Comedies.

Though Park YooChun is like a boy who is getting old, he is also like a mature older brother who gives advice. To his younger brother, YooHwan, who will be debuting as an actor next month, he said, “This is not something you decide on because you heard the cries at a concert or looked at just the outward appearances of the celebrities. Try thinking about it more.”
Not wanting to carry out superficial activities, YooChun has already grown to become a mature man from the boy we once knew.

Translated by christabel88@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights

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